8 Perks Of Being Single On Valentines Day

Is it really better to be single on the "day of love"? We think...yes.

Kate Thomas
Created by Kate Thomas
On Feb 25, 2019
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Who says that it's a bad thing to be single on Valentine's Day?

1. You'll save money.

2. You won't get disappointed when things don't turn out...Let's face it, V-day is usually a bust.

3. You can buy your favorite candy on sale later for half the price...Plus you can get exactly what you want!

4. You can binge romcoms...there's gonna be a ton of classic romcoms on TV that day.

5. You can openly diss the lovers around you...You're single...you're allowed to be bitter.

6. You don't have to deal with the guilt.

7. You might bump into your next love.

8. Avoiding the Valentine's Day mid-relationship crisis.

8. Avoiding the Valentine's Day mid-relationship crisis.

More people break up around Valentine's day than any other holiday. Avoid a mid-relationship crisis by staying single.