10 Things People Who Are Obsessed With Avocados Know To Be True

Avocado isn't just a fruit...it's a lifestyle.

Kate Thomas
Created by Kate Thomas
On Sep 6, 2017
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There's no way you're eating a salad without it

Seriously, if you can't have avocado...might as well just starve.


Waiting for an avocado to ripen can feel like pure torture

Day 1...not ripe. Day 2...not ripe. Day 3...STILL not ripe! Gah!


To you, this looks like the greatest thing since sliced bread

You would eat this every day if you could...


Avocados are a necessity, not an option

You always make sure there's room in the budget for avocados.


Knowing you only have a certain window of ripeness and taking it very seriously.

You squeeze those things like it's your job.


Dreaming of a reality where avocados grow literally everywhere.

What a wonderful world that would be...


The disappointment when you bite into a stringy avocado.

You pitch it, immediately.


The happiness you feel when you find that perfect avocado.

It's just so...beautiful.


When people dis avocado for being bad for you, you're right there with the "monounsaturated healthy fat" speech.

Sigh...people can be so naive...


It's the one commitment you'll always be sure of.

At least avocado will never leave me.

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