How Well Do You Know Charlie Brown?

The classic comic strip Peanuts, which debuted on October 2, 1950, turns 65 today. To help celebrate the occasion, we’ve put together a Charlie Brown trivia test so tough it may send you running to Lucy’s psychiatry stand for help. Are you a Peanuts expert? Take the quiz and find out.

Kate Aenlle
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On Oct 4, 2015
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Which of the Peanut characters listed below was not one of the original four characters introduced in 1950?

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Peanuts creator Charles Schultz hated the name of the comic strip, saying, “It's totally ridiculous, has no meaning, is simply confusing, and has no dignity—and I think my humour has dignity.” What was his original title for the strip?

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True or false: Charlie Brown never kicked the football from Lucy’s hands in the comics.

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Who is the only character depicted in both the first Peanuts comic in 1950 and the final comic in 2000?

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Who is José Peterson?

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True or false: No adult faces have ever been featured in a Peanuts comic strip.

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Which holiday/special occasion was never the focus of a Charlie Brown TV special?

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What major brand name pitched the idea of a Charlie Brown Christmas TV special?

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Who is Peggy Jean?

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One of the earliest Peanuts comics mentions Charlie Brown’s birthday, including the year. How old, then, did the Charlie Brown character turn in 1950, the year comic debuted?

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