Green Tea Extract Market analysis and growth drivers by 2023

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According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Green Tea Extract Market: By Type (EC, ECG, EGC, EGCG); By Process (Strong Infusion, Dry Extract, Partially Purified Extract); By Application (Tea, Dietary Supplements, Personal Care, Functional Foods, Energy Drinks, and Others); By Solubility (Cold Water, Hot Water, Non-Soluble) & Geography - (2018-2023)”, the market will be driven by the rising demand for green tea extracts due to the change in the trends of health and the busy lifestyle of urban population.
Europe holds the largest market share in the Green Tea Extract Market
Europe region holds the largest market share in the Green Tea Extract Market However, APAC will witness the highest growth during the forecast period The European Green Tea Extract Market is driven by a change in the perception of health, ageing population and the urge to resist diseases. The key applications in this region are Personal Care, Functional Foods, Energy Drinks among others.
Green Tea Extract Market Analysis done in the full report
• Green tea is widely considered as a healthy tea and the best alternative to coffee as it comes with a bag of health benefits. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen and anti-oxidant functions led to its popularity and hence there is an increased consumption of green tea extracts. Green tea extract is standardized to contain at least 50% Polyphenols. Green tea is also known to help the body regulate healthy glucose levels.
• Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the main antioxidant component of green tea. As green tea is steamed rather than fermented, it has high antioxidant power and is of particular interest to health conscious consumers.
• The distinct roast aroma of pan-firing green tea (such as, most Chinese green tea) is generated by pyrroles, pyrazines and furans
• Free amino acids including the unique theanine, are the principal contributors to the tastes of freshness and mellowness of green tea.
Green Tea Extract Market Growth Factors
• The recent studies revealed that people buy beverages based on their nutrient profile. The rich nutrient values in Green Tea Extracts are considered to propel the market growth in the coming years.
• Now, China produces one third of total green tea produced in the world. The production of Green Tea in China is expected to reach 2.97 million tons by 2023, according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
• In USA alone, the import of green tea has increased by 60% over a decade, and the current consumption is at 0.54 gallons per year.
• The close second is Japan, which boasts the yield of 91.8 thousands of metric tons of green tea every year. According to the same study, Japan exports 1.6 thousands of metric tons of green tea per year.
• The third on the list is Vietnam with the production of 66 thousands of metric tons every year and the export of 26 thousands of metric tons. Indonesia takes fourth place with the production of 20 thousands of metric tons and the export of 9.1 thousands of metric tons.
• The production of green tea across the world is expected to grow at a much faster rate than black tea. Experts claim the growth to be somewhere around 8.2%. The projected production of green tea by 2023 shows China still at the top with the yield of 2.97 million tons. Likewise, China is also expected to dominate the green tea market with the export volume of 458,579 tonnes. Vietnam is likely to be in the distant second position with the expected export volume of 251,024 tonnes. Indonesia with the export of 18,500 tonnes comes at third, and Japan at fourth with the export volume of 7,631 tonnes.
• There is a growing consumer interest in green tea products among the 76 unexploited millions of baby boomers (representing 28 percent of the population).
• As per the reports, Green Tea is the third most popular and sought after drink after orange and blueberry juice.
• Cased hole was the dominating segment by well type in the Green Tea Extract market and is estimated to grow with 5.3% CAGR through 2022.
• Green tea is a popular ingredient in topical applications.
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Key players of the Green Tea Extract Market:
• With the involvement of conglomerates such as Nestle, Pepsi-Co, and Coca-Cola which are deep rooted into the production of beverages and other ready-to-drink (RTD) products, the image of green tea has become more solidified apart from a functional ingredient that imparts multiple health benefits.
• DSM and Indena are considered to be the key players in Green Tea Extract Market.
• Mergers and acquisitions are considered to be the key strategies here. For example, DSM Nutritional Products acquired Roche Vitamins & Fine Chemicals and the merger brought Roche’s vitamin business into DSM’s life sciences cluster.
Green Tea Extract Market Report is segmented as indicated below:
• Green Tea Extract Market By Type:
1. Strong Infusion
2. Soft Extract
3. Dry Extract
4. Partially Purified Extract
• Green Tea Extract Market By Application
1 Ready to Drink Tea (or) Instant Tea
2 Dietary Supplemental Pills
3 Functional Foods
4 Energy Drinks
5 Personal Care Products
5.1 Cosmetics
5.2 Beauty Supplements
6 Others
• Green Tea Extract Market By Solubility
1 Hot Water Soluble
2 Cold Water Soluble
3 Non-Soluble
• Green Tea Extract Market By Geography (Covers 16 + Countries)
• Green Tea Extract Market By Entropy
Companies Cited/Referenced/Interviewed:
• Tate&Lyle
• Blue California
• Changsha Sunfull
• Taiyo
• 3W
• Greenspring
• Wagott
• Huisong
• Yuenson
• Tianxingjian
• Dawei
• Zhengdi
• Rongkai
• Silvateam S.p.A
• Greenutra Jiaherb
• Senhai
• Puresource
• Gongbo
• Shennong
• Gosun
• Xian Rainobow
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The Green Tea Extract Market is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:
1. Market Size by Product Categories
2. Market trendsTo access the full report browse the link below:
3. Manufacturer Landscape
4. Distributor Landscape
5. Pricing Analysis
6. Top 10 End user Analysis
7. Product Benchmarking
8. Product Developments
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis
10. Patent Analysis
11. Demand Analysis (By Revenue & Volume)
12. Country level Analysis (15+)
13. Competitor Analysis
14. Market Shares Analysis
15. Value Chain Analysis
16. Supply Chain Analysis
17. Strategic Analysis
18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
19. Opportunity Analysis
20. Revenue and Volume Analysis
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