How Well Do You Know The Five Most Important Letters In English?

Test your vowel knowledge...Nooooooow.

Kalinda Gold
Created By Kalinda Gold
On Jan 12, 2017

Fill in the missing vowel: "I _ccept your apology"

Fill in the missing vowel: "This doesn't _ffect you"

Fill in the missing vowel: "Bill was insincere and notoriously _mmoral"

"His _ural receptors had heard a strange report"

"I was waiting for the good news with b_ted breath"

"'I like you this way,' he ba_ted her"

"Mr. Brown makes a fortune by running a station_ry shop next to a post office"

"He's so smart. He has a bright fut_re"

"She is such a tal_nted dancer. I'm amazed by her"

"Here comes the s_n"

"In our country, there're laws that pr_scribe discrimination based on race and gender"

"I'm literally gonna dy_ my hair blue"

"Will you m_rry me?"

"I wish you a m_rry Christmas"

"I will just w_nder around for a while"

"They can be used sep_rately or together"

"When he decided to wear a wig, it was a very b_ld move"

"The Austin Powers movies often make _llusions to the James Bond films."

"The phrase: 'You killed my father, prepare to die' was said during a du_l"

"He lost his chill when he ate that spicy chil_"

"Man is an animal who more than any other can ad_pt"

"Macy’s decided to alt_r its parade route, bypassing Times Square"

"New St_ff Orientation is part of a long-term investment in a new employee"



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You FAAAAAAiled!

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