What Is Your Type Of Drawing?

You will figure out if you are a cartoonish, anime and other types artist.

Julia Swartz
Created by Julia Swartz
On May 18, 2015

Do you like to draw with a...

Are you creative?

Do you ever draw others creations or draw a pic that someone else drew?

Do you use...?

Do you color your art?


Do you love drawing?

Do you like to draw...?

Thank you & love or hate?



You love to draw cute little figures of life. You might enjoy making comics just for fun or when you are bored and you just want to do something. Never stop doing what you are doing, you and your drawings are wonderful.



You love to be creative with your drawing. But you hate it when you mess up. And your drawings are never the same but they are similar in a way you can't imagine. You can't stop because your skills overpower you when you draw. You are an amazing person!!!



You are not afraid to show your skills of stickfigureing. You love to doodle and you can't stop because they are so cute or funny. Keep doing that fun stuff in life.