ICO: Upcoming Exchange reaches major milestone with Demo Video Release

Joshua Turnbull
Created by Joshua Turnbull
On Jun 10, 2018
Help Translate This Item ICO: Upcoming Exchange reaches major milestone with Demo Video Release

A set of demo videos showcasing’s desktop app have been released and are available on the official website for public to view. The four part demo takes the user through IDAP Trader: the Desktop Application for the platform. The videos introduce the application, its workspace and give an overview of its features. With this release, completed another major milestone. is the first derivatives ecosystem for crypto assets and is currently doing the private round of its token sale. This project came to be after its founders, who had been professional traders in the traditional market, realised that neither there was a consolidated derivatives marketplace for cryptocurrencies nor did the existing exchanges provide an interface that would benefit traditional traders wanting to trade cryptocurrencies.

By providing a range of product offerings based on cryptocurrencies as well as supplementing those offerings with a trader-friendly interface that allows for quick and accurate trading, a Desktop Application with multi-monitor support to set-up a highly customisable workspace and a Simulated Trading Environment to help beginners learn trading and developing a market sense while allowing veterans to test and develop strategies by playing with hypothetical market conditions, the upcoming ecosystem stands to attract different grades of traditional investors and traders. Moreover, members of the crypto community have been positive about the project and are eager to trade once the exchange goes live. A common thread of appreciation that the project has received from the community is that users will no longer have to hop from one platform to another accruing trading fees across multiple exchanges given the diverse array of products and services is bringing to the market.

The project is aiming to attract all grades of traders and investors, and is doing so through offerings that will be to the satisfaction and needs to any customer wishing to trade on the platform. You can read more about their product offerings and services here.

Want to know about the ICO? Check out’s official website for more information.

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