What Type Of Person Are You According To Disney?

Based on your reaction to the most heart wrenching Disney moments of all time!

Josephine Mayfield
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What did you feel when you watched this scene?

Dumbo visits his Mother.

Widow Tweed sets Tod free.

Flynn Rider's Death.

Bambi's mother dies.

Belle cries as the Beast dies.

Prince Eric leaves Ariel to marry Vanessa.

Megara dies to save Hercules.


Quasimodo at the feast of fools.

Mulan after Shang's death.

Prince Ferdinand kissing Snow White.

Kind-Hearted Emotional Empath

Kind-Hearted Emotional Empath

You're a kindhearted emotional empath! You probably felt each one of these disney scenes in your core! You're a an old soul with a deep emotional sensitivity towards others. You understand others' pain because you absorb and feel it. This makes you an incredibly unique individual with real healing powers, but it also means you can easily be taken advantage of. Beware and save you empathy only for those who truly love and respect you!

Tough On The Outside, An Emotional Wreck On The Inside

Tough On The Outside, An Emotional Wreck On The Inside

You're tough on the outside and an emotional wreck on the inside! You probably wanted to burst out sobbing at each one of these scenes, but you didn't! That's because you have remarkable self-control. You have a deep emotional world, but you don't always understand it and you certainly don't wear it on your sleeve. You try to hold the tears back and keep it together regardless of what you're feeling. You may put on the tough face and say you don't feel anything, but deep down you have a world of emotions! Especially, when Bambi's mom died.

Cool, Calm and Collected

Cool, Calm and Collected

You're cool, calm and collected. None of these scenes phased you. It's not that you don't have deep emotions, you just don't burst into tears at the drop of a pin. You're logical, rational, intellectual and can't stand overly emotional people. You learned as a child to hold your emotions in and channel them into different activities instead of letting yourself break down and cry. This has made you a remarkably resilient and successful individual. But come how did you not cry through some of these scenes?!

Emotional Gusher

Emotional Gusher

It's ok, let it out.... let it out. We know, this quiz was an emotional roller coaster. You're an emotional gusher. There's nothing you don't hold in. When something pulls at your heart strings, here comes the water works! You're not a sentimental sap, you just don't have an emotional filter! When something's sad, you cry! It's incredibly healthy to let it all out and express yourself. Bravo, friend, you're an emotional gusher! Let it out, just let it out.....

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