Having A Panic Attack?

Your personal step-by-step guide whenever you find yourself experiencing high levels of anxiety.

Josephine Mayfield
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On Mar 7, 2017
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First and foremost: BREATHE

Stop thinking. Everything is fine. You are fine.

Now, take deep breaths in sync with this:

Next, focus on what your 5 senses are experiencing

What do you currently see, hear, feel, taste, smell? Take some time to think about each of your senses carefully...

Distract yourself

  • Sing your favorite song
  • Count backwards
  • Think of your happy place
  • Remember the last time you felt at home

Apply pressure

These acupressure points trigger a chain of new thoughts that help to overcome anxiety, nervousness and fear...

Talk yourself down



Me say

Inner Me

Inner Me say

You got this, take a deep breath, take things one step at a time, you've got things under control. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Breathe even more

Let's do this one more time.

Inhale and exhale in sync with this:

And just remember...


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