Do You Remember Absolutely EVERYTHING That Happened In Season 1 Of "How To Get Away With Murder"?

Season 2's shocking premiere had us wondering what the hell is going to happen this season, but you actually remember EVERYTHING from last season? Let's see!

Josephine Mayfield
Created By Josephine Mayfield
On Mar 29, 2017
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In the series premiere, who goes to Keating's house only to discover that she's hooking up with another man?

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At the end of the series premiere, the identity of the dead body is revealed to be...

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Lila Stangard is murdered by her boyfriend Griffin.

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Who sneaks into the Keating home to steal the information on Sam's laptop?

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Who is Annalise having an affair with?

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Who clobbers Sam on the head with the trophy, finally killing him?

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Annalise represents a furry accused of murdering another furry in a crime of passion.

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A millionaire who may have murdered his wife lays down in the bloody bed where she was killed.

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Michaela finds out her fiancé may be gay and that he used to mess with one of her classmates.

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Who was Sam having an affair with?

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Rebecca gets pregnant while being investigated for Lila's murder.

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Who actually killed Lila?

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What did Michaela loose in the woods when disposing of Sam's body?

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Connor and Michaela contemplate turning themselves in and blame Sam's murder on Wes.

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Who is charged with Sam's murder?

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It's revealed that Annalise's was raped by her uncle as a child.

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Annalise takes on a new client, a priest who murdered another priest. Why did he do this?

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Connor is diagnosed with HIV.

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Who found Michaela's engagement ring and kept it a secret to keep Michaela loyal to the group?

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What happened to Rebecca in the Season finale?

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