Make A Play Call, We'll Tell If You Can Coach Your Team To A Super Bowl Win

Do you have what it takes to be an NFL head coach?

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It's the opening drive and after a couple of runs, it's 3rd and 3 on the 30-yard line. What do you call?
You scored a TD. Now it's your defense's turn, and it's 1st and goal on the 8-yard line. What do you do?
You have the ball at the opponents' 40-yard line, but it's 4th and 2. Your move?
Your D just made a sack and has the opponent backed up on their own 5-yard line. What's the call?
Driving down the field with 50 seconds left in the half, your WR just caught the ball on the opposing 30-yard line. You...
Early second half, the opponent just gained three 1st downs in a row on passing plays. What's next?
Your QB was sacked from the blindside blitzes over and over again. What do you do?
Your star running back just got knocked out of the game. How do you react?
It's midway through the 4th and the other team just completed what looks like a questionable 35-yard completion. You have 2 timeouts left. Do you challenge?
This is it. The game's tied. Your team has the ball on the 20 with a minute left. What do you do?
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