Write Your Own Magical Spell And We'll Tell You Your Deepest Secret

Dr. Strange will be proud!

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Aug 2, 2017

Let's start our heart-shaking-ground-breaking-spell-making class with a boom! Choose one word to capture the essence of the type of spell you're going to make:

Choose the color of your mystical print, it's how other mages will know what you align with:

Choose the subject that this spell will be used on:

Spell writing is quite difficult, choose an amulet for inspiration and luck.

The first line of your spell:

The second line of your spell:

Think of the third line of your spell and choose the picture that best associates with it:

Pick the final line of your spell, as any Spellcaster would know, this is the most important one.

The final test - cast your spell in the comment section! Don't tell me you've already forgotten it!
If you can write your spell in the comment section - I'll officially honor you with the title of Mage! (make up a better one if you dare~)

You're Sexually Adventurous

You're Sexually Adventurous

Someone is freaky when the lights go off~

Oh don't think you're fooling anyone~ I saw the spell you just cast! You gravitate towards passion and angst. Your natural inclination is to move towards a story of fire and ice.

All you need now is a pair of handcuffs, some whip cream, and you'll be half way there!

And if you're a kid taking this quiz, get off and go do your homework!

You're In Need of True Friends

You're In Need of True Friends

As cheesy as that show was, it was a brilliant showcase of the ups and downs of true friendship. As that happens, true friendship is something you're in need of.

You gravitated towards a spell of hope, forgiveness, and trust. All of these center around what a good friend gives you. While you may be surrounded by many people, you deserve someone who you can trust. A true friend is someone that you don't feel the need to lie to because you trust the gravity of their actions.

The first step is acknowledging that it isn't present, and now all you need to do is find them.

And I'll give you a hint, they're probably much closer than you think.

You Aren't Being Honest With Yourself

You Aren't Being Honest With Yourself

Let's be fair, being honest with ourselves isn't easy. It's hard to consistently face the truth, so we understand your struggle.

We found you choosing phrases that center around honesty and openness, something that you're in need of in your life. You're searching for your true self and you're in need of a way to refresh and reinvent.

This could be as simple as a relationship at work, an occurence a few days ago, or a friend for years - but you're struggling with remaining honest with yourself.

Try doing someone you've always wanted to do, no matter how "uncool" or "weird" it may seem. That's the first step to being a better you.

Good luck!

You Crave Acceptance

You Crave Acceptance

The words you wrote hint towards a world of fitting in and acceptance. So we wager that you're struggling with fitting in.

What we're happy to tell you is that it's okay that you don't. I might dare to say that it's a good thing. Einstein was a total weirdo, and there are countless other names of amazing, world changing people who just didn't fit in.

Your spell shows that you can be one of those people, but only when you forget about acceptance.

Don't worry about being normal, just be you.

You're In Need of Confidence

You're In Need of Confidence

The spell that you created leans into a world of understanding and bravery. You're drawn to those words because you yearn to be a better, braver, stronger you.

The exciting part is that it will happen as long as you start caring less. You're too considerate, surprisingly so - being considerate isn't always the best thing. Sometimes, just sometimes, being selfish is a mature and healthy decision.

For you, it will bring out your best qualities.

Go ahead and try it, get yourself a gift for absolutely no reason. Maybe a cape?

You're In Love

You're In Love

I'm so excited for you!

I mean, this is great! Even if it's unrequited, it's great! Even if it's with yourself, it's great! Even if it's with a job or hobby, it's great!

You're captured by the love bug. Your spell features words of infatuation and appreciation. You wrote a spell that seeks the strength of inspiration and creativity - two things that grow wildly when in love.

So, spill the beans - who (or should I say what) are you in love with?

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