Who Is Your Magical Alter Ego?

Are you a wizard, Harry? Glenda the Good Witch, maybe?

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Mar 29, 2017

What's your weapon of choice?

Which place would you live?

You spent 100 years practicing which mystical art form?

Which animal would be your "familiar" (sidekick)?

What would you name your "familiar" animal?

What color would your magic manifest as?

Your 100 years of practice paid off! What will you name the spell!?

Do you have many friends?

A little girl is in danger from an evil wizard! What do you do!?

Which will you choose? Endless wealth or true love?

Harry Potter - The Wizard of Lore

Harry Potter - The Wizard of Lore

The half-blood prince of wizardry! Harry Potter can not and will not ever be shoved into the box of boring old wizards. He's known worldwide for his intelligence, his greatness, and his pure heart.

You've chosen a path where you protect what's needed to be protected and where you fight against the forces of evil. You're kind, caring, and have a hidden strength that transcends magic as we know it. The World could use another Harry Potter!

So pick up your wand, brush up on your lightning spells, and go save the world again!

Voldemort - The Purely Sinister

Voldemort - The Purely Sinister

You're the snake of sincere trickery, the REAL boogie man that hides under the bed, and the savant of everything sinister! Voldemort is the embodiment of evil, hatred, and gore!

You've chosen a path of malice and utter evil! Your alter ego is delightfully vicious and bone-chillingly sneaky. To have this alter ego you must have made some dark, dark choices.

Who knows what skeletons are hiding in your closet, because we're too scared to even come into your house! There are probably snakes and spiders all over the place anyway! And you are officially uninvited to the magic slumber party!

Pick up your evil wand and go be evil far away from me, Voldemort! And watch your back for Harry Potter!

Maleficent - The Sentry of Moors

Maleficent - The Sentry of Moors

Don't let the horns and wings fool you, Maleficent is not as evil as one might expect. She is calm, powerful, and irresistibly intriguing. She is the anti-hero, the line between good and evil, and if you put what she loves in danger she will fight with all her might!

You have chosen a path of the dark arts, but your heart is still warm. You understand the importance of making tough choices that may seem evil to others. You are the harbinger of nature, and to have this alter ego means you align with light and darkness in a wonderful way.

Your alter ego's name means "doing evil or harm." But be sure, like many definitions, that's a shallow misunderstanding. You do what is best, and that isn't always what seems nice. You are well beyond your years, a true mystical sage!

I'll be sure to visit you when I next past by the Moors Forest, Maleficient.

Arthur Pendragon - The Knight-Born King

Arthur Pendragon - The Knight-Born King

You don't think because he doesn't shoot fire or spit lightning that he's not magical, do you!? Arthur Pendragon is not only the famed tamer of dragons by the wielder of the legendary and unbreakable sword Excalbur! He's one of Merlin's closest friends and a king worthy of taking over the world!

You have chosen a path of honor, valor, and respect. You are kind, passionate, and unshakingly strong. You will raise your sword to any challenge and cut down each and every foe in your way.

You're the single person that's truly worthy of ruling Britain, so be proud Sir Pendragon!

The Great and Powerful Oz

The Great and Powerful Oz

Expecting the unexpected, huh? Knowing the unknown, and making believers out of creating disbelief! I knew it was you when I saw you, Mr. Oz!

You've chosen a path of illusion, but for the sake of good! You're smart, kind, and always have things under control. A magician's greatest spell is a person, and you're wonderful at using the people around you to grow. You won't be building that Emerald City all by yourself now, will you?

Be sure to call and tell me how good it feels to be the unbelievable when you're putting up the smoke and mirrors in your Emerald castle, Mr. Oz.

Glinda - The Good Witch

Glinda - The Good Witch

Make no mistake, Glinda is a magical force to be reckoned with. She dealt with the Witch of the West LONG before Dorothy and Toto came. She dealt with the other witch too... Well, you know, before the house plopped down.

Nevertheless! Glinda is the embodiment of all that is good and wonderful. The universe took sugar, spice, and everything nice--put it in an ice cream machine, added sprinkles, turned it upside down, did a little happy dance around it, turned it right-side-up, scooped out the ice cream, mixed in a few newborn fairy giggles--and that's the story of how Glinda was born!

To have this alter ego means that you are magnanimous, caring, and utterly delightful. You protect what is innocent at all costs and put the greater good above all else.

It's truly an honor to have you, Glinda.

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