Which Cosmic Force Are You?

Jean Grey better watch out!

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Jul 21, 2016

Which is your favorite planet? (Yes, a few of these are not planets lol)

If you could be an alien, which alien would you be?

Would you be a friendly alien?

Which color would your skin be?

Do you regularly hang out with your alien friends?

Would you consider yourself an extroverted extraterrestrial?

Which would be your favorite outer space class to take?

Which would be your favorite outer space class to teach?

Pick your alien parents.

Are you totally tired of all this alien stuff?

The Pheonix Force

The Pheonix Force

The pheonix force isn't just one of the most awe-striking forces of the Marvel Universe - it represents life. While you may move back and forth through various zeniths of happiness or depths of depression, what can always be said is that you're a prime representation of being human.

You have your good days and you have your bad days, but you're always present when you need to be and fully ready to commit to someone who needs you.

You're bright, just like a phoenix.

The Shining Force

The Shining Force

Some will call you the poster child, others may call you the goodie-two-shoes, me... I'm going to call you the shining force, a naturally nice person.

Now whether or not you SHOW if you're nice, that's a WHOLE other topic. You clearly represent a source of joy in the lives of the people around you, whether that's an ear to listen or a home of advice.

You're a bit of sugar, spice - like, you know, a Powerpuff or something.

The Pulling Force

The Pulling Force

Three words to describe you: want, it, all.

You see, it's not always easy to pin-point a personality type like yourself. It's even harder to describe - some people want good grades, some people want free-time - your type comes in an assortment of professions (or no professions at all, HAH!).

Get it? No...?

Good! You weren't supposed to!

What I do have is a song that will explain it all.

The Pushing Force

The Pushing Force

There is something about you that is distant, understated, and perhaps often misunderstood.

It's not that you're ostracizing yourself, you're taking a calm and almost subconscious step back from the situation. This can make you seem like the mysterious one - something that a lot of people definitely prize.

But don't drift too far away, there aren't any lassos in outer space.

The Lone Force

The Lone Force

Way off in a distant land, likely in a place where there isn't anyone around to bother them, is you.

You're the lone force. You appreciate your space and completely respect other's, I wouldn't be surprised if you were the type to not want to enter other people's "bubbles" due only to respect.

I think it's refreshing, especially since people these days don't know what personal space means.

The Total Weirdo

The Total Weirdo

Did you expect to be some fabulous mystical, cosmic force within the universe that transcended mortal bounds and rewrote time?

Well... that's unfortunate.

No one really gets you, that's because you either don't tell people how you really feel - or when you do, they don't get it anyway!

I'm one too, might as well take it proudly - go to the thrift store and walk around in a supermarket in a fabulous sleeping robe, a golden one will do. Take a trip to some dark place and wear sunglasses when inside, take your weirdo-ness proudly!