Which Chess Piece Would You Be?

Check and mate!

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Jun 16, 2017

Choose your favorite chessboard to begin your game on.

Would you consider yourself a bossy person?

Which role do you excel the most at? (While the following choices are often confused as the same, they are quite different)

What is your greatest strenght?

What is your greatest weakness?

Have you ever read a book by Lewis Caroll?

Choose the best chess costume:

What do you think the coolest power is?

Do you think a catepillar knows it's going to become a butterfly?

After looking at this picture, if you were the white chess piece - what would help you the most?

The King

The King

All hail the King!

I might just have to pull out that dusty checkerboard cape and give it to you! You're the King!

Appropriately so, you are a soul of strategy, skill, and loyalty. The King is the last person saved for a reason. Manpower fights battles, but guidance decides to war.

Wait here for a moment, I'll see if I can rustle up a cardboard crown or two!

The Queen

The Queen

Any true chess player knows that the Queen is absolutely NO ONE to be played with. The loss of the Queen can sometimes mean the loss of the game entirely.

You are the backbone, the protector, and the caretaker - all rolled into a glamorously caped package that can kick some major chass (that's chess derriere for all the classy folk).

Long story short, you're a total boss. Tiaras are only for the true gangsters.

The Knight

The Knight

The Knight represents honor, trust, and, what many may not understand, unexpectedness. The Knight is a piece of creativity and angst, being able to pull off moves that very few are able to.

You are a rebel, and that's why you'd be the Knight. While you're undeniably hardworking and honest, you're able to produce something no one ever expects.

You're also able to ride on a nifty house and carry a sharp weapon, sounds like an okay job if you ask me~

The Bishop

The Bishop

These pieces remain upon their own color throughout the game and can only move diagonally. One bishop travels the path of the head and the other enjoins the path of the heart.

You're able to hone in on a problem and solve it. Your strength comes out when there is something that needs to be tinkered with and solved, that's why you'd be the Bishop. The Bishop is able to see a problem and dash right over to it.

The Bishop is also allowed to wear a cute uniform, I'm already jealous.

The Rook

The Rook

The Rook is and has always been the secret force. Any lover of chess knows the Rook has been in cahoots with the King since they were both in diapers. They're the best of friends!

You may seem easy to understand sometimes, but that's because you've learned to streamline the way you portray yourself. You're a complex individual, and that's why'd you'd be the Rook.

It's not easy being misunderstood, but the Rook can handle it.