Where On The Spectrum of Light Is Your Personality?

Don't let them keep you in the dark!

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Jun 30, 2017

Which is your favorite time of day?

Would you consider yourself a romantic?

How energetic are you?

Are you able to pay attention to things for long periods of time?

Which word best describes you?

Which word best describes the person you dislike the most?

Describe your Mother's parenting style.

Describe your father's parenting style.

What type of parent are you/would you be?

If you only had one minute left, what would you spend it on? Also, please spend a minute on commenting and sharing your results, thanks so much!



Scarlet is at hot as it gets, right before we go blind in the spectrum of light.

Scarlet represents heat, energy, and fire. You're the type of person who can tap into the world around you, usually by using charisma and charm. You also get along great with Yellow.

You might get angry sometimes, you might seem a little irrational at movement - but that's because you live for the moment. It's because you're born from fire.



Bright, bubbly, and waaaaaaaay out there.

The best thing about you is that there is no point in reeling you in. You're amazing at working in the far reaches of what we understand.

Your personality is your greatest strength, so focusing on learning and reading regularly will make you a force to be reckoned with.

And remember, there is a reason that the sun looks your color - and that's a very good reason.



Azure represents being calm on the spectrum of light. It appears in the water and signifies understanding and fluidity. You're in-touch with the world around you, and that's your greatest strength.

It also wouldn't surprise me if you're intelligent, people with your type of childhood tend to be brilliant.

They also tend to be sexually adventurous.... *glances over shoulder* - our little secret.



The green in the light spectrum is usually found in nature, most commonly within plant-life.

You are down-to-earth, pun quite intended, and ultimately someone who is reasonable and great to be around. Life doesn't need to be difficult, and that's why you're special - you may it easy for people to relax and be around you.

Now brace yourself for another corny joke.

You grow on people.




There is a certain whimsy that comes with you and along with the color of like that you'd be. Magenta is what many would argue to be the pink with the most personality.

Your light represents care, compassion, and love. The color stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care.

You're playful and light, and that's why you have people who get attracted to your approach to life. You make it look easy (even though it probably isn't!).



Just beyond the visible spectrum - we find you, the ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light is the unseen and the unimaginable. You're out of this world, literately. Your answers have completely taken you out of any other color, and it brings you back into a world of whimsy and excitement.

You're a surprise!

You'd also get along very well with Magenta, you should find someone in the comment section!



You occur right before ultraviolet. You represent imagination and restraint, which sounds like a weird mix - but it's an exciting one.

You know how to explore the world, yet you don't get lost. You know how to challenge yourself but not break yourself in the process. You know how to push the boundaries but not push them off off the cliff.

You also know how to make a mean macaroni and cheese, so invite me over.