What's Your Insanity Factor?

We've all got a little crazy inside us. What form does your take?

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Mar 29, 2017

How many times have you gotten into a physical confrontation with any person (or yourself LOL!) in your lifetime?

How many times have you gotten into angry, verbal confrontations with strangers?

What would be the color of your straight jacket in the Asylum?

What would the name of your imaginary friend be?

Which game would you play with your imaginary friend the most?

You and your imaginary friend had an argument in the middle of a popular mall's food court. What were you arguing about?

Which bedtime story would your parents read you and your imaginary friend?

Choose the photo you connect with the most.

A word to describe your 3rd cousin's uncle's pet fish's favorite meal?

I'll just leave this question here because... well, I think you know why~

1/10th - A Tasteful Tinge of Crazy

1/10th - A Tasteful Tinge of Crazy

You're the type of person that most people want as a friend. You're down to earth, but you know how to set it off when you need to!

A tenth of you is crazy. So that's one of your fingers, one of your toes, a patch or two of hair, and a couple of teeth!

Embrace it!

3/10ths - Potentially Bonkers

3/10ths - Potentially Bonkers

You're the Homer Simpson of your family. Homer is perfect example of 3/10ths crazy. Sometimes, you can barely control it and will go insane at the drop of the dime!

Hopefully, you're not eating as many donuts as he is and perhaps the petroleum radiation wouldn't be wise to be around. But getting a hideously ironed white shirt and those awful grandpa jeans might be a good look for you!

1/2 - Half-Cra, Half-Zy

1/2 - Half-Cra, Half-Zy

About 10% of the population is Half-Cra and Half-Zy, but what really is the tell tale is if you got the Cra or the Zy.

If you have the Cra, you'll find yourself being a fairly "emotional" person. That doesn't mean you're crying or screaming necessarily, but you're definitely in touch with your emotions and interpret the world in ways that the other 90% of the world couldn't even dream up.

If you have the Zy, well... you already know that you're dynamite that's ready to go off at any time.

The most important part, enjoy the explosion.

3/4th - Mr/Mrs No Dark Alleys

3/4th - Mr/Mrs No Dark Alleys

You are not the one I want to run into near any dark alleys.

There is no point for you to even try to keep this a secret, you might as well share this on Facebook so at least your friends could be warned that you are two chocolate drops shy of being totally coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

Go buy a glow in the dark vest so people can see you in the alleyways, and don't go asking strangers for candy >_>

100% - Totally Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!

100% - Totally Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!

Green hair dye isn't that expensive, problem is, once you dye your hair green it'll be a total JERK to get that color out. But why would you want the color out anyway? You're totally bananas.

A real cocoa puff of the coocoo lane! I'm not talking disturbed, I mean Harley Quinn and Joker crazy! Immune to laughing gas crazy!

There are people you don't want to be in a dark alley with, and then there are people you. People you don't even want to look in the eye because you're worried what they'll say to their imaginary friend.

Put this in the comment section so I know to warn everybody to hide their kids and their wives!