What Modern Societal Archetype Fits Your Personality?

It's 2017, so it's about time we update the books!

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Jun 5, 2017

It's a Saturday and your best friend asks you what your plans are, your answer is:

It's a Sunday, you just want to watch a good movie - which genre will you be looking at?

It's Monday, and just like everyone else, you're not having a good day. What will you do to relax?

It's a Tuesday and your significant other wants to pick a vacation place in a few weeks, the place you choose is:

It's a Wednesday, and your brother asks you to make something during your trip to the moon - what will you make?

It's Thursday, and you've decided to go out with your co-workers to get a beverage - which one do you want?

It's Friday! You are going to take your significant other out to dinner, what type of food place are you going to?

It's a blue moon, what is the LAST thing I could find you doing? (even with a blue moon LOL!)

It's a cold day in hell, what type of sweater are you going to wear to keep warm?

It's a day when pigs are flying, choose the one that you want as a pet!

The Bingewatcher

The Bingewatcher

You are down-to-earth, reasonable, and confident. Being comfortable in your own skin is getting more and more rare, and you have that skill. I think it's important to know when to party and when to have a relaxing time with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite show.

You're the Bingewatcher! The hard worker who does their job and then dives into the world of fantasy when they finally have the chance.

So grab some kettle corn and a good soap opera!

The Emoji Master

The Emoji Master

(that entire painting was made from emojis!)

You are fun, creative, and ultimately a representation of what it means to feel at home in yourself. It's not easy to be you, and I can see from your answers that it rings very true.

You, just like the thousands of emoji, have many facets and faces. However, when masterfully put together, you're a piece of art.

Tell Ms. Lisa I said hi. (Mona Lisa, of course!)

The Hip and Ster

The Hip and Ster

You know full and well that you're the artsy type, so own it! Get you a pair of those hipster glasses, grab a bohemian chic outfit, and hit the town!

You're on the cutting edge, and that's what makes you special. You're comfortable with change and look forward to evolving and changing into a better you.

And who doesn't like bohemian chic!?

The Always-Have-Their-Phoner

The Always-Have-Their-Phoner

You're connected like no other! Whenever something happens your friends should be looking at you for an explanation!

You're the friend that's always in the loop, you give great advice (even if you don't always realize it), and are always ready to support your friends through the ups and the downs of being human.

But remember, sometimes it's great to take a break from your phone and offer the world the amazing personality that you have.

The Tinder Pro

The Tinder Pro

You need to be searching for love! (or helping someone else search if you're already found yours) You're in touch with yourself, relatable, and charismatic.

You are great at making connections between people and the world around you, so use your superhero powers for good! It's about time you get a cape, think of some romantic comedy superhero name, and hit the streets!

Thanks for being you!

The Meme Machine

The Meme Machine

You are funny, and that means both definitions of the word. You have a quirky sense of humor and, with enough time, can get anyone on your side. You are also a little peculiar, and that's your greatest strength!

The Meme Machine always has a joke up their sleeve (and maybe a few memes saved in their phone!).

You are the friend that we go to when we need someone who just gets us, so thanks!