What Makes YOU Attractive?

Could it be your personality, your eyes, or maybe the whole package?

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Mar 29, 2017

Choose one word to be associated with:

Would your friends and family also associate you with that word?

Which is closest to the type of person you'd date.

Are YOU the type of person you'd date?

You're in a club (the music is jumpin') and you get the googly eyes from across the room. They come over to lay the mac on you, how do you respond?

They're drop dead gorgeous, but not NEARLY the sharpest crayon in the crayola box. Will you date them?

What is the first question your parent's ask when you tell them about someone you're dating?

All your friends decide it's time to go to a nude beach, do you go?

They're a super genius, but absolutely unattractive on every physical level possible... would you date them?

Choose a side.

Your Personality

Your Personality

When they’re smiling at you, or ready to flirt – it’s your personality that has won them over! It’s that sweet, curious, and stand out nature of yours that can win people over. People are generally interested in things that they have not seen before, people that they don’t understand, so maybe you’re a little mysterious too?

If you find people coming back to talk to you, or maybe people you’ve never seen that know your name – you are winning everyone over with that wonderful personality of yours!

It’s not what they said to your face, it’s what they tell their friends when you’re not listening. So what do you think they are saying about you?

Your Eyes

Your Eyes

It is a talent to be able to pick up on the tiniest of details, or the most subtle of notes, and pinpoint an issue before it truly appears. You don’t see things like most people, and that’s a great thing! It’s your perceptive, unique, and delicate attention to detail that makes you so attractive! The people around you will gravitate towards how you view the world and everything within it.

Are you usually the one that no one listens to but it turns out you are right each time? Or are you usually the one that everyone comes to for advice?

Either way, you’re the one who can see the fire well before the smoke has started coming.

Your Mind

Your Mind

“Hey, smarty pants! Are you dating anyone?”

Of course that is a cringe worthy pick up line, but you get the jist! You are smart, clever, intelligent – and ALL the other great stuff that comes with being delightfully bright! That’s also what makes you so attractive!

It’s the bright and creative ideas that come from you that will bring in that special someone or that best friend! You’re the perfect person to bounce ideas off of or come to for some fun and innovative creations. You’re a problem solver, like the other greats minds – Einstein and da Vinci (to name a few).

So what’s going to be your next great invention?

Your Talent

Your Talent

I can go down the LIST of talented people – Whitney Houston, Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James – ALL of those people are enorgmously talented people in their own special way. That’s the beauty of having a talent that attracts people, it can be absolutely anything!

Maybe you’re a star athlete or next level performer, maybe you’re the next famous actor? Who knows! What I do know is that it’s your eccentric, and refreshingly stylish approach to the world that has made you so talented!

It’s most definitely your talent that attracts people, and maybe you haven’t figured out that specific talent yet – but that’s okay, it’s come soon enough! As a fun tidbit, a lot of talented people don’t always seem “normal.” And to that I say, who wants to be normal, anyway!?

Your Look

Your Look

“If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber~”


No, but seriously – it’s your body that attracts people to you – but let me be clear, this isn’t to say that you don’t have a mind or talent to offer, you most definitely have that too. People are just attracted to your style, your look, and your flair. You are charismatic, fun, and quite often the focal point of the room. Don’t be surprised if you’ve had a few people ask you for fashion advice or curious about your diet, it’s natural for you!

What they don’t know if how hard you work to look the way you do, but what’s most important is that you pull it off effortlessly.