How Good Is Your Hearing? Only 10% of the World Can Pass This Test!

Are you secretly a super-hearing-having-hero?

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On May 12, 2017

We'll start easy, brace yourself!

Let's turn it up a few notches.

Let's see how you do with this one.

This one might be a little tricky.

This one is a doosie. Can you hear the whole thing?

Top 10% Hearing!

Top 10% Hearing!

Most speakers aren't able to produce sounds up to that level, so maybe your speakers are top of the line or maybe you're imagining things?

But if you actually did hear the ending you have some genuinely amazing hearing! (and amazing speakers, lol)

Standard Hearing

Standard Hearing

You, like most of the population, have standard hearing.

Or... maybe, just maybe - your speaker wasn't able to produce the frequency and you're secretly a super sound hearing hero?

You never know~

Was Your Volume Okay?

Was Your Volume Okay?

Uhm... something might be up with your computer, your volume, or your speaker.

Or... you might be struggling in the hearing department.

Either way, I'd check the situation out.