How Far Away Is Your Mid-Life Crisis?

You'll be starting an alternative rock band before you know it!

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Jun 30, 2017

Do you look forward to going to work on Monday? (or whichever day if you first day of the week)

How enjoyable is the job you make the least money from?

Do you have a hobby? If so, how often are you able to do it?

Who do you think, from the following, has the best job?

Are you interested in finding love? If you've already found it, do you imagine being with them forever?

What is your opinion on young children?

Are you married? If not, do you want to get married?

How often do you get the chance to experience something new?

Are you satisfied with your current financial situation?

Do you regularly put your natural talents to use?

I've Arrived!!!

I've Arrived!!!


I'm your mid-life crisis, and I've arriveddddddd!!!

I've bought a new hair color, an alternative rockband, and t-shirts that are two sizes too small!

Long story short, it's time for a change. Let's have some fun! You need a chance to let yourself free, and to breathe the air around the type of places that you want to be in!

So pick out the hair dye, I think green would do you wonders!

A Few Years Outs

A Few Years Outs


I'm your mid-life crisis, and no - I'm not waiting to dye your hair a few different colors. But I'm not far away either~!

You need to take a break, a vacation, change your job, find a new love - SOMETHING - or I'm coming to get you!

And I promise that I'll bring a vintage, hand-painted guitar and shirts 2 sizes too small! And you're going to look cute in them too!

Less Than 10 Years

Less Than 10 Years

The names Crisis, Mid-Life Crisis. It's nice to see you.

I'm currently busy on the beach enjoying a good margarita, so I won't be bothering you anytime soon. You have time.

You're satisfied enough right now, you know what you want and I'm happy for you. But I just wanted to call you and tell you that I'm coming. Be brave, be unafraid, and be yourself!

No Where Near!

No Where Near!

I can't forsee any alternative rock singles in your future.

You're in touch with yourself, you're confident in the decisions you're making, and you should continue down the road you're going.

Just remember to remember to have fun and surprise yourself sometime!

But just in case, might as well start thinking about those band names now.