How Comfortable Are You With Your Spirituality?

It doesn't matter which path you follow, but how well on that path are you?

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Jul 8, 2015

Are you involved in any sort of organization for spiritual belief? (church, synagogues, meditation group)

Would you marry someone of a different following/religion/spirituality?

Do you follow the same religion/spirituality/outlook as your parents?

And is that okay with your parents?

Do you even care about your parent's approval?

How often are you in an environment where people share the same spiritual beliefs as you do?

Is it important to you to be around people who believe the same things you do?

Which of the following sounds most like you?

Do you believe in miracles of any kind?

The hardest question yet, who created the world?

Let's Get Touchy With It!

Let's Get Touchy With It!

There is a WHOLE metaphorical cookie jar of spiritual cookies that's waiting to be explored!

You are in the stage where you need answers. You have quite a few of the ones you need – or at least you think you need, but this is the perfect time to start wondering about the world? Why are you here? What’s your purpose? Who do you REALLY believe in? These are questions that inquisitive and exciting people ask themselves.

And remember, these are questions that you have MORE than enough time to answer. There is no rushing in spirituality – this isn’t a time period – it’s all about the results.

So take your time and find out who you really are! And we you do, there will be some fresh spiritual cookie sweetness waiting for you.

An Arms Reach Away

An Arms Reach Away

You're reaching right out towards the spiritual cookie jar and all of that goodness will soon be in your hands!

But don’t be confused, this is not a bad thing. This means that you have taken the time to find yourself and you’re well on your way to the person you want to be. This also means that you’re still looking for a few answers to some important questions you have.

You are comfortable, but you’re just on a search for what is most important to you. It is a quality that is often found in warm and caring people.

Those are some top grade spiritual cookies that you’re reaching for, my friend. Just a few more inches and you’ll be munching on the sweetness you’ve been looking for.

The Intoucha'nator!

The Intoucha'nator!


You don’t need the answers around you, despite what they may be. You already know who you are and you’re most definitely in touch with your spiritual side! This is a quality of someone who is honest, patient, and understanding.

However, this means that you will often run across people who don’t agree with you – and that’s perfectly fine! You don’t need to change them, take some time to understand why they believe what they believe and that will open your eyes to a WHOLE new world.

You’ve taken the spiritual cookie jar and started baking the cookies yourself! Throw some chocolate chips in there while you’re at it!