Choose 5 Foods And We'll Tell You What Type Of Person You Should Date

Your taste in lovers isn't very different from your taste in food!

Jeiye Roze
Created By Jeiye Roze
On Jul 25, 2017

Let's go to the movie theatre!

You're at a very drink-with-your-pinky-finger-up restaurant. What will you order?

Let's be healthy today and get an overly expensive juice that's not worth the money~!

We are at home and we just want something comforting to eat.

Thanks for taking the quiz! Grab a coffee before you go!

Witty and Whimsical

Witty and Whimsical

You need someone with wit and a bit of whimsy.

You're the type of person who enjoys adventure, but not needless - jump off the cliff adventure. You like to try new things and to live outside of the box (which is QUITE different from living on the edge, I mind you).

You can find people like this at any art gallery, recent museum, painting event, or anything artsy for that matter. The witty, whimsical people are drawn to places of freedom, art, and wonder.

Aren't you drawn to them, too?

Wild and Adventurous

Wild and Adventurous

You're drawn to adventure, and I'm not talking about trying a new food adventure - I mean bungee jumping and skydiving adventure.

You want something wild, and that's exactly the type of person you should date. You need someone who will excite you. You probably get bored pretty quickly, right? That's because you're not dating the right people!

Find someone spontaneous and a little dangerous (in a good way, of course!). And you'll find yourself feeling more fulfilled and on top of the world!

Goofy and Fun

Goofy and Fun

I'd wager that you're a lovable goof ball, and if not - you'd probably fall in love with one.

You're attracted to fun, and specifically the silly kind. You might secretly be in love with a few Disney movies, too - and that would be proof!

You need to find someone who is goofy and fun. You shouldn't be worried about seeming childish around the person you date - if anything - get someone who will be childish with you!

Let your hair down, and if you don't have hair, buy one of those dollar store wigs and do it anyway - and have a good laugh while you're at it!

Sweet and Patient

Sweet and Patient

I bet you've dated a few jerks, huh?

From your food choices, you probably ran into a jerk or two - it's because you're the type who gets lost in the appearance and idea of things. You get so lost that you let people take over when you shouldn't.

Because of that, you need someone who is sweet and patient. You need someone who will take their time with you, who won't rush.

It's simple, sweet and patient.

That's what you should look for.

Creative and Courageous

Creative and Courageous

You're in need of someone who is creative, but being just creative isn't enough. You need someone who is proud of how creative they are and enticed with the will to be different. The type of person who doesn't mind seeming crazy, maybe even the type of person who likes seeming crazy.

What do you think? From the food you've chosen you probably have a solid sense of self. Have your successful relationships been with brave people?

Next time you go out, look for the person who is wearing something that makes you whisper, "What in the hellllll...."

Believe it or not, that might just be your soul mate!

Cool and Collected

Cool and Collected

Maybe you won't run into any 007s, Jane and James bond may be quite busy - but I'm sure you can find someone that's cool and collected.

You should be dating someone that's on the same wavelength as you are. Despite how much energy you may have, it's important to have someone who you can sit down and just chill out with.

Running on 100% at all times means burning out your battery much faster.

The good thing that it's not hard to find someone who is cool and collected. It's possibly the most common archetype to find, especially when looking for males. Now if you're looking for a woman, try finding someone who is a little older.

Can you say Cougar delight?