Make A Potion And See Which Magical Character You'd Be!

It's all in the Eye of Nuit!

Jeiye Roze
Created by Jeiye Roze
On Aug 2, 2017

Welcome to Advanced Potion Making, if you're taking this class it means you made it out of the Death Curse class alive - well done! I am Professor Spellcraft, Master Potionmaker - tell me what do you want to use a potion for?

Pick the first ingredient, and no - I won't be giving you any hints or warnings. Use your magical instinct.

Hmm... let's see what type of mage you are. Adding a love potion to anything other potion creates a HUGE enhancement. But you see... love potions are forbidden (not like I care). Do you want to use the love potion to spruce up your spell?

Choose the third ingredient, I'll tell you what these do because they're the most important - but be wary of the side effects.

Choose the fourth ingredient, this one is for the flavor of the potion and won't change the effect. You don't want a poison with a flavor, but a nice minting health potion sounds wonderful. And if you're going to mix it into a cupcake, like that crazy Hatter in Wonderland, you might want the potion to be sweet.

Choose the final ingredient, this will dictate the color of the potion you create. If you're planning to mix it into something, making it pink isn't the brightest idea. Be mindful.

Choose a substance to cook this potion in. Each substance has a respective effect on the potion.

Choose the temperature you'd like to cook this potion, each method has a side effect that you should be aware of.

Pick a glass to put the potion in.

Phew! You made it through your first class of Advanced Potion Making! Be sure to share the class and tell your friends to come out and try it. In the meantime, I'll let you choose one of my own potions to take as a gift.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey, Harry!

I thought you'd be too busy changing the world to come and take one of my little quizzes! How have you been!? How are your kids!?

As always, you're as bright as a phoenix, or should I say an order of the phoenix? HAH!

You created a potion in a meaningful, thoughtful way. You were sure to pay attention to the world around you, and most importantly, pick results that will ultimately benefit more than just yourself.

It's your selflessness that has impressed me.

It's always a pleasure, Harry.



Expecto Patronum!

*stands behind my fairy Patronus as I speak to from a megaphone*

Why hello, Mr. Mort!

You thought you'd catch me off guard, did you? NOT I!

I'd say it's nice to see you ---

but I'd be lying!

You are the chairperson of the Evil Committee. You're as charming as a cactus and you've got garlic in your soul! The Grinch has got nothing on you!

What type of awful potion were you even trying to make? Tell me in the comment section, I need to know how Voldemort himself snuck his way in!

By the wayyyyyy - I called the Aurors five minutes ago, so good luck escaping. (The Aurors are magical police for all you non-Harry Potter people).

Don't let the dementor hit you on the way out.



The Father of Magic himself!

The last time I saw you we were at the Battle of the Goblet~ You were shooting fireballs and I was turning people into purple frogs. Those were the good days~

You are a spirit of wonder, whimsy, and wisdom. You have the will to learn, and most impressively, the will to create. The way you made your potions speaks levels to your innovation and daring spirit.

It was an honor to guide you through this, and I hope I taught you a few tricks.

Say hi to your pet dragon for me.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange

*pokes the Eye of Aggamoto*

It's so pretty! Who would think that this little thing was so powerful? You know, I used to have tea with the Vishanti on Sundays.

You're the strangest doctor I know, with a will to shift the world around and to blend into the world you shift. You have a will to be acknowledged, and that helps bring a fire under you - giving you the courage to be even more successful.

I can't wait to tell my friends that I taught the Sorcerer Supreme!

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

Mr. Hatter!

I could see it was you with the first ingredients you picked. I almost didn't recognize you without that ridiculous hat you always wear. The last time we had a tea party you turned all the guests into mice!

As always, you're unpredictable, curious, and kind of problematic. The wonderful thing is that you get away with it. Where other people are chastised for being odd, you're paraded and awarded for how peculiar you are.

Make no mistake, that's a TALENT.

Pulling off those awful outfits is also a talent.



What brings you here, Mr. Stiltskin?

*gives you the side eye*

I thought you were too busy stealing new-born babies to be taking my little quiz. You're one of the craftiest people I know - so I shouldn't be surprised that you got into my class.

You are driven, and you will stop at no cost (whatsoever) to get your goal. You want to succeed, and when you put your mind to it, you will.

Just don't go stealing any babies.



*looks behind you to check for the rest of the Teen Titans*

Awh! I thought you'd bring the rest of the crew when you came! I could sense your mysterious, creative approach when we were in the middle of making the potion.

You have a flair for changing evil, vile things into wondrous, positive pieces to help change the world. The word that captures you is resourceful. You can take the darkest substance and change it into a pure part of the presence around you.

All you need is one of those great hooded robes and some jet black hair dye, I almost didn't recognize you!



Ms. Monroe! How are you!?

You know, a few people might not consider you a magical character - but that's just because they don't TRULY know your story. We both know that there is literately magic rushing through your veins, that white hair you have is a marker from magic itself!

You are wild, yet controlled. You're playfully serious and seriously playful. You have a genuine interest in the seeing the world get better and it's part of the reason why you're such a pivotal part to the people around you.

You're also a thunder-shooting-tornado-making-earth-shaking-blizzard-conjuring badass. Just sayin'.

Put THAT on your resume!