Which US Political Party Are You?

In this quiz, you will find out which political party is best suited for you. You will find out whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or another political party. Let's Begin!

Jordan Mehta
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On Apr 13, 2017

Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Allowed In This Country

Abortion Should Be Illegal, Even If It Is Done To Save A Mother's Life

Affirmative Action Should Be Implemented

The Wealthy Should Pay More In Taxes

The Military Should Be Expanded

God Should Be Kept In The Public Sphere

Social Security Should Be Privatized

The Government Should Make Stricter Gun Control Laws

Marijuana Should Be Illegal

The Smaller The Government Is, The Better

The Patriot Act Should Be Repealed

A Pathway To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants Should Be Implemented

A Voucher System Should Be Used When Choosing Schools

We Should Decrease Spending On Welfare And Food Stamps

The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised To $15 An Hour

This Country Should Opt Out Of NAFTA, The WTO, and the TPP

Climate Change Is Real

Corporations Should Be Regulated

The Freer The Market, The Freer The People

The Civil Rights Acts Should Be Repealed

Sex Outside Of Marriage Is Immoral

Super-PACs Should Be Eliminated

There Should Be A Single-Payer Health Care System

Cleaner And Renewable Sources Of Energy Should Be Prioritized Such As Solar And Wind Energy

Stimulating The Economy Is The Best Way To Insure Its Recovery

Pornography Should Be Legal For The Adult Population

We Should Take In Syrian Refugees

We Should Avoid Foreign Conflicts

The Death Penalty Is A Form Of Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Country

Stricter Punishment Reduces Crime

Praying Should Be Encouraged In Public Schools

We Should Continue To Support Israel

The Federal Reserve And The IRS Should Be Abolished

Safe Zones Based On Race, Religion, Gender, Etc., Should Be Implemented Across The Country

All Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported

A Modern Day Glass-Steagall Act Should Not Be Made Into Law. Also, Get Rid Of The Dodd-Frank Act

Controlling Inflation Is More Important Than Controlling Unemployment

Prostitution Is Safer When Legal And Regulated

We Should Impose Restrictions On Trade

Our Civil Liberties Are Being Threatened In The Name Of Counter-Terrorism

People Are Ultimately Divided More By Class Than By Race Or Nationality

There Should Be Term Limits For Members Of Congress

You Cannot Be Moral Without Being Religious

The Iran Nuclear Deal Is A Bad Deal

Women May Have Careers, But Their First Duty Is To Be Homemakers

The Government Should Be Required To Have A Balanced Budget

A Photo ID Should Be Required In Order To Vote

This Country Should Expand Offshore Drilling

GMO Foods Should Be Illegal

Republican Party

Republican Party

You are a Republican! You believe in small government, traditional family values, and free enterprise. You also believe that the United States should have a strong national defense. Conservative values, in your opinion, are what this country is drifting away from. However, these values may not cease to be anytime soon. It is up to you to convince the American people that this country needs a leader who is a die-hard Republican like you.

Democratic Party

Democratic Party

You are a Democrat! You believe in social justice, affordable health care, and government intervention in the economy. You also believe in a progressive tax system. In your opinion, the Republican Party is out of touch with the American people. However, the two of you seem to agree on some issues. But, unlike the other party, you believe that a staunch Democrat is the best person to run the country. A person just like you.

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party

You are a Libertarian! You believe in Laissez-Faire capitalism, individual responsibility, and states' rights. In your mind, you think that the federal government went mad when they passed the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Authoritarianism is what you believe hurts America. It is your responsibility to vote for a fiscally conservative and socially liberal leader for President. A leader who is just like you.

Green Party

Green Party

You are a Green! You believe in social justice, grassroots democracy, and most importantly, environmentalism. You follow the "Ten Key Values" of the party, and it is a part of your everyday life. You denounce corporate influence in politics and you want a leader who remains true to the Green Party ideology. It could be someone like you who will lead this country into the future.

Constitution Party

Constitution Party

You are a member of the Constitution Party! You believe that this country should go back to its Judeo-Christian roots. You also believe in the strict interpretation of the United States Constitution. In your eyes, the politicians in Washington are unwilling to follow what may be the greatest document ever written. You want a leader that will always be faithful to the Constitution. A person just like you.

Reform Party

Reform Party

You are a member of the Reform Party! You are disillusioned by the state of Washington, and you think that the politicians there are corrupt. You believe in paying the national debt and balancing the budget. You are also staunchly against illegal immigration. In Washington, you want a leader who will end corruption in politics once and for all. A person just like you.

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Party USA

You are a Socialist! You believe that the capitalist system is exploiting workers and benefiting the rich. In your opinion, you want to see the United States as a place where everyone is equal. A place where there is no oppression or discrimination. Because of this, you want a leader who will speak for the common working American. A person just like you.

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