We Know What You Should Buy Cyber Monday Based On Your TV Choices

Emily in Paris fans already have 5 pairs of shoes in their shopping carts, but what about the rest of us unsure what to buy?

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Nov 30, 2020
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What show would you watch again?

What's the best show of 2020?

What do you watch when you can't sleep?

Which show do you wish had one more season?

New Phone

New Phone

You live for the action in life and on screen. You NEED to have the newest gadgets and love being up to date on trends. So get yourself a new tech toy this Cyber Monday. You're always on your phone, so it might be time to upgrade to a new cooler one. Check out Cyber Monday deals at Apple, Best Buy, or Walmart.

Leather Leggings

Leather Leggings

Fashionistas! You NEED these leather leggings. If you've been eyeing them for the past month after seeing Hailey Bieber wear them, now is the time to buy them. Cyber Monday is your favorite holiday because you can get the latest looks for less. Try finding a pair on sale at Commando, Spanx, or Asos.

Skincare Set

Skincare Set

For someone always laughing and drawing attention to their face, you should get a new skincare kit! Tis the season to treat yourself and your skin. So this Cyber Monday get that moisturizer, toner, serum trio you've been wanting to try. Look for deals on Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom.

Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine

Addicted to coffee and your job? You need this coffee machine. If you're constantly going to the Starbucks drive-thru why not be your own barista at home? This Nespresso machine is perfect for anyone working from home. Cyber Monday is the day you finally purchase this must have machine! Find deals on Target or Amazon.

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