We Know How You Spent Valentine's Day Based on Your Movie Choices

Are you your own Valentine?

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Feb 15, 2021
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Whether you've been planning this special day for weeks or need a last minute idea, we know what you're doing this February 14th. Even if you don't have a Valentine, you can still celebrate. Treat yourself to a spa day! Hang out with your friends. Have a steamy night with your boyfriend. Still not sure what you're doing? Pick some movies to find out your plans.

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What movie can you recite word for word?

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Which movie describes your love life?

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What are you watching on date night?

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Romantic date with SO

Romantic date with SO

Of course you'll be with your boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine's Day! You can't help it, you're a hopeless romantic. You love all things "love" and want to show your partner that this V-Day. Cook a homemade meal to show how much you care.

Brunch with your friends

Brunch with your friends

Your besties are your true Valentines' so you're probably spending the day with them. You love to laugh with your friends, so start your day at brunch telling each other how much you love each other.

Having a self care day alone

Having a self care day alone

You live for your own personal drama, so who better to spend Valentine's Day with than yourself? Be a little (or a lot) dramatic on V-Day and treat yourself to a whole sushi spread, mani pedi, and bubble bath.

Texting your ex

Texting your ex

For a Valentine's Day of plot twists, you'll probably end up texting your ex. You live for the action even if you end up dangerously reaching out to an old boyfriend at 1 am. You never know what can happen after a glass or 5 of wine.

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