VSCO Girl, But Make It Fashion

The VSCO girl aesthetic has elements that can be applied to fit anyone's style. Here are ways to elevate the VSCO girl look

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Dec 19, 2019
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In case you need some help in understanding what a VSCO girl is, Urban Dictionary defines it as "the Tumblr girls of 2019". So instead of wearing high waisted shorts, crop tops with fringe, and posting somber looking selfies with a Starbucks drink, VSCO girls are wearing Nike shorts, Brandy Melville tube tops, and posting TikToks with a decorated Hydro Flask in hand.

You can spot these beachy-casual-cool teens on your Instagram feed, TikTok, or at your local Starbucks drivethru. The VSCO girl uniform consists of over-sized graphic tees, denim cutoffs, comfy shoes like Crocs or Vans, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, and scrunchies. LOTS OF SCRUNCHIES.

We love scrunchies as much as the next girl, but these teens take the obsession to the next level. It's like they're Girl Scout badges - every time you use your metal reusable straw you earn another scrunch.

The VSCO girl aesthetic can seem basic and young, but has elements that can be applied to fit anyone's age, style and wardrobe. Here are ways to elevate the VSCO girl look.


VSCO girls stack colorful scrunchies on their wrists, water bottles and of course - in their hair. It can be a bit excessive. However, you can still show off the vintage hair tie trend with these pieces.

These Slip Scrunchies are the perfect upgrade from your worn out fabric ones. Slip scrunchies are gentle on your hair and very on trend for winter- leopard and metallic?! Yes please!

Even if it's not a traditional scrunchie, you can still wear this arm candy on your wrist. The Sant purse combines two favorite accessories into one beautiful scrunched lovechild. It's here, and it's perfect.


Over sized graphic tees from the men's section in Urban Outfitters are essential to a VSCO girl's "oh I just threw this on" no effort look. But to go from casual to chic, wear your boyfriend's "Save the bees" t-shirt to sleep and instead try graphic bottoms.

Ditch the baggy t-shirt and throw on a pair of printed pants. Like the tee, cheetah or plaid print pants can be worn all season and with anything: neutral sweater, funky jacket, and even a graphic tee if you want to mix patterns.

Mini skirt + over sized button down shirt = VSCO girl chic.

The oversized white shirt that goes with anything.


A scenic beach backdrop and comfortable sneakers make for the perfect VSCO girl Instagram post. Checked Vans are classic, but everyone has them; another pattern or style can turn an outfit from basic to original.

Instead of collecting scrunchies, we collect white sneakers. But these Vans are not just another pair of white shoes; the sweater weather detail makes these shoes a statement piece. The Business Casual VSCO girl should wear these with a pair of jeans, vintage band tee and blazer.

There's this thing called "seasons" where it's not always summer vibes. To transition from summer to winter- and VSCO girl to fashion icon- wear a pair of colorful sneakers. Like Crocs, these Adidas are bright and still go with the VSCO girl aesthetic.

Didn't we agree socks and sandals are a fashion crime??? Praying the Birkenstocks and Nike socks look doesn't last much longer. Let's try these cozy Uggs instead! Like Birkenstocks, they have strappy buckles and come in a bunch of colors.


You're not a VSCO girl unless you have a Fjallraven Kanken backpack. What else will hold your water bottle, scrunchies, and Instax camera? For work, school, or running errands, these backpacks embrace the VSCO girl vibe.

This leather State sling is perfect for girls always on the go.

Is it a backpack? Is it a tote? Is it the best of both worlds? The Notabag convertible tote backpack resembles the square shape of the VSCO girl Fjallraven staple. It's minimal yet functional enough to fit everything you need!


When a VSCO girl buys her jewelry, does she just go to Arts and Crafts at camp and pick a few things out? VSCO girls adorn their wrists with handmade friendship bracelets (remember the threaded string bracelets you'd ask your counselor to help you make? yeah those); puka shell necklaces and wave rings are must haves too. But how can you wear these summery trends without looking like you just came back from two months at sleep-away camp?

It was cool when we wore something like this beaded ERTH bracelet in summer 2010, and it's cool now.

No need to ask your friends to teach you chevron and diagonal; these Vanessa Mooney bracelets are the more glam version of the colorful string accessories.

Add this shimmery top to your shell collection; a glam VSCO girl can wear this for the holiday season with jeans or leather pants to dress things up.

Who said you can't go to the beach in winter? Look like you just emerged from the ocean with this OUAI wave spray.

Reusable drinking accessories

In addition to scrunchies, TikTok, and puka shells, VSCO girls love the environment. They make saving the earth trendy by sporting metal straws and reusable water bottles. You can be eco-conscious and fashionable with these VSCO inspired accessories.

Hydration is key- and more importantly so is style. Carrying a reusable water bottle is as natural as carrying a purse. To make a fashion statement try this Simple HH spiked glass water bottle.

Hey coffee lovers! It's fun to pull up to the Starbucks drive-thru five times a day, but throwing out all your paper cups is very wasteful. The next time you need a refill, bring a reusable Stojo cup.

Sip on this! If you want to be more environmentally friendly and look cute doing it, stock up on these star straws. All the cool kids are doing it.

VSCO girls decorate their water bottles with tons of stickers. However, try doing something nostalgic with them. This Paint By Stickers book can take you back to your childhood where you colored your own stories and didn't have to worry about the ones on Instagram.

You don't have to do a VSCO girl transformation vlog to show off your style. But wearing some VSCO inspired pieces can be a #fun #trendy look #sksksk.

Which VSCO girl trend would you try?

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