Trying To Lose Weight: Which Diet Is Right For You?

Diet trends have been around forever and probably aren't going anywhere. But which is right for you? And do they actually work?

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Sep 22, 2019
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Juice cleanses, grapefruits, Fit Tea, oh my! These are some of the ways people have tried losing weight. When you see your favorite celeb posting a flawless picture on Instagram in a swimsuit, you're probably thinking 'how do they looks so good'? It must be magic. Or maybe just a new trendy diet.

While diet trends are not always sustainable for a healthy lifestyle, they can produce quick results and encourage changes in eating habits. Find out which diet trend you should try!

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The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet

Does your body feel like it's in slow motion after eating enough pasta to feed a small village? If you're looking to boost your energy and lose some weight, try reducing carbs, sugars, and grains. One of the most popular diet trends of 2018, the Keto diet is great for rapid weight loss and improved energy. Eliminating carbs and consuming healthy fats/vegetables allows your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugar.

If you can give up carbs (wow, you're strong), the Keto diet along with healthy lifestyle habits may help manage weight as well as chronic conditions.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

The thought mentality of the Paleo diet is: If a caveman wouldn't eat it, neither should you. Before UberEats, people had to get their own food - there was no one delivering Ben and Jerry's to your front door at 11 p.m. So, if you're trying to eat the basics, the Paleo diet could work for you.

The plan is to remove dairy, grains, and refined sugars from your meals. Like the cavemen did, you should consume protein, fruits/vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This diet is good for sustainable eating habits because it incorporates more nutritious foods, while eliminating processed ones.



Do the phrases "treat yourself" or "it's okay, I'm on vacation" come out of your mouth every time you go to eat? Cheese fries and pizza are delicious, but you shouldn't be eating these treats everyday. Consuming a lot of processed foods can cause inflammation, low energy, and food sensitivities. So to give your body a fresh reset, try the Whole30 diet.

Whole30 eliminates all sugars (even honey), grains, legumes, and dairy. To flush out the toxins you binge on, for 30 days try eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and protein. At the end of the month you can see overall improvements in mood and physical health. Whole30 introduces healthier eating habits that can be sustained in your diet.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

No, this diet is not to starve yourself. For people that are always snacking or hungry (aka me), this diet plan sounds scary. However, you're not really missing out on any of your usual eating. Instead of eating breakfast when you wake up, then having lunch, a snack, a second snack, dinner at night, and a midnight snack, try eating everything in one shift.

This diet lets you eat the same amount of calories you normally would, but during an 8 hour time frame. Intermittent fasting may result in weight loss and regulate insulin resistance.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Katie Shepherd has some thoughts on the most Googled trend diets of 2018. "I think they work short term but most of the time diets are short term," she says and adds that with diets like Keto or Paleo you're cutting out whole food groups. When you eliminate carbs from your diet, of course you're going to lose weight. But what these diet trends don't tell you is you'll probably gain that weight back. So why do people still try them? "It's a quick fix," RDN Shepherd says.

"The number of trendy diets out there show we haven't found a one-size-fits-all", she says and adds "I don't think there's a hard and fast rule 'this diet is good for everybody'". "Everybody feels their best when they eat a bit differently." The best diet she can recommend is eating all the food groups - even ice cream and pizza. Eat nutritious foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to eat foods you enjoy the other 20%, Shepherd says. "In the middle is a really sweet spot where you're actually nourishing your body and eating until you're satisfied." 

Tell us - what's the right diet for you?

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