These Are The 10 Coziest Gifts You Should Put Under The Christmas Tree

When it's too cold for anything else...

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Nov 7, 2021
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The weather outside isn't just frightful - it's freezing and unbearable. The cold may never bother ice queen Elsa, but definitely feels like an evil curse to the rest of us. If you're shopping for someone that would rather Netflix and chill inside rather than build a snowman and freeze outside, here are some cozy gifts to try.


Weighted Blanket

The holidays can be stressful, causing nightmares about your mom asking for the 100th time when you're getting married. To enjoy sweeter dreams this season, put this blanket on your wish list. Think of weighted blankets as the new boyfriend pillow. Creating the sensation of being cuddled, this blanket encourages a more restful sleep.

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Hot Water Bottle

When Dad asks "who raised the thermostat to 74 degrees?", a third World War breaks out. The house is divided between who's always warm and cold. You know it was your sister, but instead of immediately throwing her under the bus, take proactive measures. Get the person that's always cold this hot water bottle that stays warm for hours. It's the perfect secret weapon against winter.

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Homesick Candle

Going back to reality after being home for the holidays can be hard. No more home-cooked meals or mom driving you to your hometown bar. If you need a warm and thoughtful gift for a college student or someone that lives far away, get them a Homesick Candle. The sorority house they share with 50 other girls may not look like home, but with scents like New York City and Texas it can smell like it.

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Zip Up Sauna

Do you know someone that deserves a spa day but is always too busy to make time for themselves? If they have: no time to leave the house; are too cold to leave; prefer to avoid human interaction, give the most relaxing gift this year- a personal sauna.

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Hot Chocolate Sticks

After getting frost bite walking from your car to the front door, you'll need to warm up. What stocking stuffer can you give (and enjoy too) that's hot, sweet, and delicious? Hot chocolate- with an upgrade. These holiday flavored pops are easy to use and the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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Fluffy Slippers

For a day of binge watching The Great British Bake Off you'll need a few ingredients. 1) sweats 2) a big bowl of popcorn 3) the "Skip Intro" button on Netflix and 4) slippers. Get these fluffy slippers to be cozy from head to toe.

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Men's Face Mask

Self care isn't just for women. Men enjoy pampering too! After a long week of holiday parties, drinking, and desserts, your skin (and liver) belong on the Naughty List. To revive yourself (and friends), give your skin the gift of Bro Mask. When you're done stuffing your face with Christmas cookies, heal and hydrate it with this sheet mask. An equally as sweet treat!

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Wake Up Alarm Clock

Rise and shine! For the person that refuses to get out of bed if it's less than 40 degrees out, this sunrise simulation alarm clock should help. Before they hit snooze 15 times on the alarm, the clock gradually changes brightness levels. There's even a sunset setting for when it's time to go back to sleep.

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Outdoor Fleece Pants

I thought looking fashionable during the winter was impossible since my parents made me wear leggings under my jeans under snow-pants just to see my friend down the block. So how do you feel warm and look cute when it's 20 degrees out? When your kids beg you to make snow angels with them, wear these fitted snow-pants that don't make you look like a marshmallow.

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Blanket Scarf

For the person that complains about being cold while sipping an iced coffee in December, get them this trendy over-sized blanket scarf. Coming in enough colors to match their drink, this gift will keep them warm all season.

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