The Best Adult Baked Mac And Cheese Recipe

Say cheese!

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Nov 3, 2021

Does your mac and cheese need an upgrade? If you're not living in a college dorm, you should not be making noodles and powdered cheese in the microwave. You might be thinking, "How can it get better than that though? What could be better than macaroni and melted cheese?". But with a few extra steps, you can turn this classic dish into a gourmet meal.

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Cheese sauce

Breadcrumb topping

Time to cook!

Now that you have all your ingredients, stop eating the shredded cheese and prepare the mac. This recipe serves 6-8 and is ready in under an hour!

Here's how you do it


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Us waiting for it to be ready:

Bake for about 15 minutes and then...

DIG IN! It's ready! Grab a bowl (or eat it straight from the tray), put on some Netflix, and enjoy the adult mac and cheese you wish you knew how to make in your dorm room freshman year.

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