10 Saint Patrick's Day Outfits You Can Wear All Year

March 17th isn't the only day you can wear green

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Oct 24, 2021
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Everyone celebrates Saint Patrick's Day in their own way. Some people go to church on the holiday, feast on yummy corned beef and cabbage with family, march proudly in a parade, or they drink (a lot). With different ways to celebrate March 17th, there is one thing everyone does together: wear green. Whether you go all out in a leprechaun costume or a classic "Kiss me, I'm Irish" t-shirt, it can be an overwhelming sea of shamrock green that you'll probably never wear again.

However, you can wear a festive St. Patrick's day look on March 17th and every other day of the year with these items!


One Shoulder Bodysuit

This sexy bodysuit is perfect because it's green enough to wear while meeting friends at a bar on St. Paddy's and also cute to wear on any night out.



If you despise events that require a costume and a bunch of effort, you need these sweatpants right now. The green and rainbow details make it seem like you put some thought into your outfit, but we know you just want an excuse to wear pajamas in public.


White and green sneakers

You can never have too many white sneakers. These trendy Adidas have green details, making them perfectly acceptable to wear in a St. Patrick's Day Parade or when running errands on other days of the year.


Plaid skirt

This festive skirt covers all the St. Patrick's Day bases - it's green, orange, and plaid. It can be worn at a traditional Irish feast or with tights at work.


Tortoise and gold hoops

These earrings could've been found in a pot of gold! Green- check. Gold- check. Glam- check!


Fuzzy jacket

St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, or even Easter. This jacket is perfect for all those in-between season holidays because it keeps you warm, but is still lighter than a bulky coat. And not to mention, it's super cute!


Leopard sweater

Last year our shopping carts were full of leopard skirts. Leopard skirt, meet the leopard sweater. This cozy top can be worn with jeans, shamrock printed leggings, or a satin skirt.


Camo dress

Whoever said you can only wear green on St. Patrick's Day probably didn't see this camouflage dress. The dress is festive and bold enough to wear on any day of the year.


Pearl headband

You can't wear a four-leaf clover headband to a formal function, but you can wear this chic one. The velvet and pearl details give it a luxe look, making it the perfect accessory for any outfit.


Neon sunglasses

These bright shades are perfect to celebrate St. Paddy's in, as well as wearing when you need a bold pop of color on a sunny day.