Long distance relationships

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On Apr 6, 2019
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Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships

Tips so that your relationship lasts despite being away.

If having a stable relationship with someone who lives in your same city is difficult, think about how hard it would be

if he were not around. Many couples are forced to live separated by work, studies, or various reasons. Long-distance

relationships are difficult and complicated but they are not impossible. For all those who have to go through this, gives you some advice.

one.If you have little in your relationship, and one of the two has to change the city, do not tea to ask important of the relationship questions so that both have things clear. Determine things as if they are dating or not, if they are

only dating, if they are engaged, etc. It is also good to make clear how they are going to deal with the theme of

fidelity: it is the monogamous relationship or there is no problem in seeing, leaving and being with other people. This will help you keep things clear and know what you can and can not do. two.Challenge the distance by doing things at the same time. Avoid that the relationship is reduced to talking on the

phone. There are many things you can do that will get you out of the routine: watch a movie or television at the same

time, so you can comment on what is happening in X episode or movie. Put virtual appointments by Skype or Messenger so they can talk and see each other through the computer.

3. Even if you are very busy with things from work or college, do not let the day end without him knowing something about you. The ideal is that they can talk several times during the day, but many times this is complicated because long

distance calls are quite expensive. If you can not call it, do not stop writing it at least once a day, even if it is a short message greeting you.

Four.Thanks to technological advances make it easier

to have a long-distance relationship. However, it retakes the traditional, sporadically send a letter, this simple as it seems will be a change in your routine and how to communicate.

5. Take advantage of the few benefits of being in a long-distance relationship: enjoy all the time you have with your friends and family. Think that you will not have the typical little transcendental discussions that couples have on a day-to-day basis like "you were late for how long it took you to get off when I got to pick you up."

6.Avoid being a controller by calling him several times a day. Try not to get into his Facebook profile "gossip" what he

does and fight him because he went off rumba or because they published photos of him with women you do not know. Try tobe relaxed with the appearance of new people in your life. One more easy way to destroy a relationship is with unwarranted jealousy and claims. You must be realistic.

7. Try to meet frequently: take time and save money to be together. Plan a vacation, Easter or Christmas trips. These reunions are very important for both. Your relationship will not prosper if it is reduced to phone calls. They have to look and be together at every opportunity they have. Do not let them spend more than 6 months in a row without being seen.(how do you mend a broken heart)