How Much Of A Business Professional Are You Really?

Everybody thinks they know how to be professional... until they take this quiz!

Jonny Richards
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which of these e-mails should you use to conduct business?

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While taking a client out to eat, the bread arrives and you are starving. How do you eat this bread?

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Which is most important in a job interview?

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Pick the correct pair of male or female shoes for a business professional encounter.

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You're having a great conversation with the client, and to keep it that way, select which of these topics is safe to inquire about!

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Your phone's ringer goes off, vibrates, and interrupts an important meeting. What do you do?

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You're at a major networking event, what is most important?

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Which of these accessories should professional women NOT leave at home for a job interview?

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On a professional dinner, should you bring home a to-go box?

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Which of these ties should a man wear to his job interview?

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