The Mechanism Of CBD Oil For Anxiety Treatment

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When Cannabidiol (CBD) oil was first introduced in the market because of its therapeutic benefits to the human body, it was not well received. Majority of the people especially the medical practitioners and lawmakers argued that it was a psychoactive hence unsuitable for patients. Attributing to these arguments is the fact that CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis; a plant best known for making its users stoned. After years of rejection but serious research into the field, studies found out that CBD can actually help suppress epileptic seizures. This left people asking the question; what is CBD oil?

CBD oil Defined

CBD oil is a cannabinoid liquid extracted from the cannabis plant, otherwise known as the hemp. In as much as the cannabis plant is the main source of obtaining the oil, not all cannabis plants produce the requisite extract. The reason is that, some of these plants do not have sufficient cannabidiol. The correct form of medicinal hemp plant should contain more CBD and less Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is because THC is the compound in weed responsible for negatively altering one's states of mind. Therefore, to ensure that the required form of CBD is obtained, one should extract more of the CBD and less THC, which is possible with the hemp plant. Actually, the hemp plant contain 0.3% or less of THC but higher concentrations of CBD.

CBD oil and anxiety

As initially mentioned, CBD oil can help manage episodes of seizures in epileptic patients. Intrigued by this fact, scientific studies and tests have been conducted on the oil, most of them proving to have a range of health benefits. The most common therapeutic benefits include, but not limited to; curing or suppressing epilepsy and treating disorders like panic disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PSTD) and anxiety and depression, among others. Were these disorders to be classified, they would most likely fall under anxiety disorders. An assumption was therefore made that the CBD contains some anxiolytic properties.

There has been an alarming report on the management of anxiety by patients suffering from the above anxiety-related disorders proving the doubts of its anxiolytic properties true. This has made patients turn to CBD oil for anxiety. However, some anxiety and depression patients have not reported any changes upon consumption of CBD-infused products. According to scientists, the reason why some patients will not experience positive anxiety management even after using CBD oil is that, not oils are effective for anxiety management. While some CBD products may contain pure CBD and zero amounts of THC, there are some that might still contains strains of THC. All over the United States, THC is capped at 0.3%, but some states have enacted legislations exceeding the national limit.

To test the effectiveness of pure CBD oil for anxiety, a study was conducted in 2011 with the main participants being patients suffering from social anxiety. Out of the 10 participants, half of them were issued with 400mg of pure CBD oil for anxiety and the other half were given placebo. The participants who consumed pure CBD oil recorded improved anxiety symptom compared to those who took placebo. It was therefore concluded that cannabidiol is effective for anxiety management. However, if a patient is suffering from both depression and anxiety, the products which contains some amount of THC such as chill gummies CBD. Many people today find it effective and the surest way to manage anxiety symptoms.

Consumption of CBD

Consumption of CBD products is not limited; there are many ways they can be taken, including vaping or you buy CBD edibles such as chill gummies, CBD pills, CBD brownies, honey sticks, tea, and coffee, among others. The preference of these products varies from one person to another. Chewable gummies, for example, are preferred by most people because they are leisurely and easy to use. They are especially recommended for instances where instant relief is not necessary. The prices of edibles varies, depending on the quantities you purchase.
Another reason why you should buy CBD edibles is because they can be used by anyone in the family. Kids, especially, will not mind chewable gummies. Most children would rather starve but not take medicines, possibly because of their taste and appearance. Furthermore, CBD is not associated with any side effects and therefore would be recommended for long term use, which is very important for management of conditions such as epilepsy and arthritis.

Legality of CBD

Despite the many health benefits, including CBD oil for anxiety, the question most people ask; is it legal? Well, the legality of CBD oil varies from one nation to the next. Most nations that have legalized the use of CBD-infused products have carefully analyzed the long-term effect of compound to their citizens. Evidently, the pros outweigh the cons, even though there are some restrictions.

Most countries that have legalized CBD use do not allow its use for other purposes other than the health-related reasons. In the United States, most states only allow the use of products that contain 0.3% of THC or less. This means that if you are found with chill gummies CBD containing concentration exceeding 0.3%, you may be prosecuted for being in possession and using prohibited products. Furthermore, it is illegal to buy these products for recreational purposes.

The bottom line

Anxiety is a common condition that may cause many serious complications. Proper and reliable management is key to safeguarding human life. Banning use of marijuana doesn’t help much because millions of people with conditions that can best be managed through consumption of CBD products will only force people to break the law. Countries should enact laws safeguarding and regulating the use of CBD for anxiety and other health conditions. There is a lot of conflicting information on the benefits and harm use of marijuana can have to the body. So far, CBD is good for human life. In as much as more research is still needed to determine the specific mechanisms to its effects, there is enough proof that using products that contain this compound is way better than imposing restrictions.

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