Ten Of 2018’s Fashion-Oops Moments So Far

Imagine someone snapping a shot of you in the middle of a this-shouldn’t-have-happened moment. For instance, your dress rips apart and well someone saves that click and circulates it on the web?

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On Mar 6, 2018
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Imagine someone snapping a shot of you in the middle of a this-shouldn’t-have-happened moment. For instance, your dress rips apart and well someone saves that click and circulates it on the web? Horrible! However, that is something celebrities just have to be thick-skinned about. Because when it comes to fashion, even they can mess up.
When fashion mishaps are made, their whiff reaches the noses of stylish girls even from afar. Though we’re just two months into 2018, we already have a handful of styling blunders. Since wardrobe fails are something even celebs deal with, be nice to yourself when sometimes you make one. After all, it can be difficult staying within your budget.
On a side note, up to 60% off Shopbop massive sale to keep your styling troubles at bay. Can’t avoid sales like these, now can we? To keep you in the know-how, here are ten fashion oh-no moments that celebrities have encountered so far. Better sidestep these mistakes.

1. Margot Robbie at the G’Day USA Gala

Apart from her bright smile, the Suicide Squad actress is known for her chic and modish looks. The 27-year-old was nominated for the BAFTAs 2018 for her stellar performance in I, Tonya. But the spotlight didn’t just shine on her for her nomination. Her black Givenchy lace gown also made sure to turn heads her way. But like most of us, Margot Robbie also has bad and unfashionable days.

At the G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala, her fully printed floral dress didn’t manage to wow onlookers. Too flowery, it failed at giving the right vintage vibes.

Photo Credit: dailymail.co

2. Camila Cabello at the Grammy’s

She might be relatively new in the solo singing field but is entirely familiar with the rules of fashion. At the Grammy’s this year, the Havana chart topper stole everyone’s attention. Her crimson Vivienne Westwood gown was delicate and sophisticated down to the details. However, her magically-held dress almost slipped.
But she saved herself when she confidently turned around to fix it. What made the headlines? Cabello’s confidence.
herself when she confidently turned around to fix it. What made the headlines? Cabello’s confidence.

Photo Credit: pitchfork.com

3. Venessa Hudgens at the Directv Now Super Saturday Night Concert

90’s kids have grown up with her, they remember her for being there for them when they didn’t know what to wear. But again, even divas can falter. Perhaps the Say Okay artist was trying to nail the cool-girl look at the Directv Now Super Saturday Night Concert earlier this month. But with her oversized black and white outfit, she missed the mark. Luckily for Hudgens, not many noticed.  

Photo Credit: ytimg.com

4. Cardi B at the Grammy’s

The year didn’t start fashionably for Cardi B. She made a slight mistake when she chose to wear a puffy white dress to the Grammy’s. Where some found her look ethereal, others didn’t. The dress had a short skirt on the front and a long tail behind it. Nevertheless, as always, the rapper made up for it.
Her recent dressing game at the NYFW was so dope, she had the audience hooked. Furs, OTKs, and sunshades? Gorgeous to bits!

Photo Credit: star98radio.com

5. ASOS Triple Waistband Jeans

According to wwd, ASOS is one of the most visited e-commerce sites. However, the e-retailer that always has your back regardless of your budget also makes mistakes. Most of the e-retailer’s questionable pieces have been ruthlessly roasted on Twitter. But the latest triple waistband pair of jeans has safely dodged the attention of eagle-eyed fashionistas so far.
The "ASOS Straight Leg Triple Waistband Jean in Vogue Blue" makes sure that the spirit of the odd denim jeans trends is carried on.

6. Kendall Jenner at the Fall NYFW Show

The second-youngest of the Kar-Jen siblings, Kendall Jenner, often makes it to the news for her fabulous outfits. Last year, she wore a pair of sparkly thigh-high YSL boots and had fashionistas drooling. However, though she is the highest paid model in the industry she also had a serious wardrobe malfunction at the previous fall NYFW show.

Her dress ripped! However, she got it sewed and kept mum. The secret didn’t come out until recently.

Photo Credit:clothingric.com

7. Katy Perry at the Stella McCartney event

The Swish Swish singer is more than just music and those pretty doe eyes. She has an amazing taste when it comes to fashion too; wild and funky. Despite her costumes being on-point each time, she managed to save herself from a fashion faux pas by just an inch in January. She wore a red loose dress that broke all fashion rules.
What saved her was that she wore a Stella McCartney dress to a Stella McCartney event. A funny fashion mistake indeed.

8. H&M “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” Hoodie

The brand made a major fashion mistake earlier this year when they made a black child wear an inappropriate hoodie. The shirt read “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,” a slogan that many found offensive. However, H&M immediately apologized and made up for what had transpired by hiring a diversity manager.
No amounts of discounts and coupons can help such an accident. Unless, of course, it’s H&M we’re talking about.

9. Yura Min at the Olympics event

On Sunday at the Olympics event this year, ice dancer Yura Min was about to flash more flesh than she’d like. The South Korean skater’s outfit was about to rip as its hooks came undone. However, she handled it like a pro. The 22-year-old held her head high and shoulders back to keep her clothes in place. Her stiff posture saved her from embarrassing herself in front of the huge crowd.

Photo Credit: inquirer.net

10. Petty Jenkins at the AFI Awards

Her movie Wonder Woman became the highest-grossing superhero movie. She had both, the critics and fans of the DC universe, entirely impressed. However, despite being the brains behind Wonder Woman Petty Jenkins’ attire at the AFI awards was not all that impressive. She wore an entirely maroon silk dress with one lilac sleeve. One of the worst celebrity fashion mistakes of all time. 
Bad dressing is like that nightmare that haunts you for days after you have seen it. While you can’t avoid wardrobe malfunctions, you can definitely hide them. Do you think these celebrities managed to do so? Which stars do you think made fashion disasters at the BAFTAs this year? Let us know in the comments.

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