Is Your Stomach Angry With You? Take This Quiz to see if you are eating all the wrong things. 

Your stomach is your second brain. Much like your first brain, it sends you messages all day long. Sometimes your stomach isn't happy with you and the messages it sends are warnings. Take this quiz and we will let you know if your stomach is angry with you.

John Rockerton
On Oct 22, 2018

How often does your belly feel bloated after a meal?

Do you notice any red itchy bumps on your skin?

Does eating cause your sinuses to flare up?

Do you sometimes wake up after a full night's sleep feeling unrested and tired?

Your feces says much about the health of your digestion. How often do you have bouts of diarrhea or loose stool?

How often do you get headaches?

How is your mental health? Do you get bouts of depression and/or anxiety?

Do you have or get heartburn?



Based on your responses, it is fair to say your stomach is angry with you. Perhaps it's time to reassess what you are eating.



Your stomach seems pleased with you. Based on your answers, it doesn't seem as though you are eating anything which is causing unrest to your digestive system.