Is Your Life Too Chaotic For Your Mind? Take This Test To Determine If You Need To Slow Down

While some people might say they enjoy a certain amount of chaos in their life, too much of it can harm us mentally, physically, and emotionally. To help determine if you might have too much chaos in your life, answer these questions.

John Rockerton
On Oct 16, 2018

How often do you wake up after a full night's sleep still feeling tired?

Do you have a system for keeping track of your appointments?

When was the last time you learned something that didn't have to do with your job, school, or daily activities?

Scenario: Your friends want you to spend a weekend away with them. What is the first thought of the options below which pops into your head?

How would you describe the state of your work area?

How much sleep do you average per night?

How often do you forget events (such as birthdays) in the lives of others?

How often do you start working on one thing and find yourself working on something else entirely short after?




Your life is simply too chaotic. You either have too much on the go or you are taking some of those tasks too seriously. Life is for enjoying, don't waste it by stressing over obstacles.

Nope! You're GOOD.

Nope! You're GOOD.


Your life is not too filled with chaos. Most people let life's obstacles stress them out but not you, you've got things under control.