11 Times Alan Tudyk Made Us Wet Ourselves

Prepare thyself for the best of Tudyk!

Created By Johnny
On Mar 8, 2017
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Dancing With The Duke – Frozen

For those not aware, Alan Tudyk provided the voice for the Duke of Weselton, that crazy old guy Anna dances with at the ball in Disney's Frozen.

This is a classic example of the unsung Tudyk at his best. Alan is an expert at bringing to life characters who have very little actual characterization in the films. He brings depth to the hilarity in a rare fashion, which just isn't seen all that often.

Every Time Anything Happened – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a fantastic movie and you should go see it right now.

Alan Tudyk plays Tucker in this amazing horror comedy. A tale of misunderstanding and miscommunication, Tucker and Dale are just trying to fix up their new summer home and when these crazy city kids keep killing themselves all around them. Being a master of appearing both creepy and quaint all at once, it's like he was made for this role!

Drunk. Naked. Tudyk. – Death At A Funeral

Any chance we get to see Alan Tudyk let loose and do his thing will surely make for a fantastic film.

Here, a drunk and naked Tudyk scampers about the roof of a country house. Being in an inebriated state, he quickly gives into his baser instincts (he is naked after all). Another good show of Tudyk's comedic range, as he isn't afraid to literally take his clothes off and spit on people for a role!

Tighten Up – Knocked Up

Knocked Up is a fantastically hilarious movie, and that's in no small part due to Alan Tudyk's scenes.

Sure, he's only got two short ones, but his character adds real dimension to Katherine Heigel's work life. Not just that, but it gives perhaps the best dry comedy performance in the entire movie along with Kristen Wiig. No one can deny how incredibly hysterical Tudyk is through this creepy and disgustingly hilarious display of a very real issue in the entertainment industry.

Wat's Hijinks – A Knight's Tale

Just watch Alan Tudyk as Wat completely steal the film from Heath Ledger. Every bit of comedy in this film is elevated thanks to Tudyk's performance.

Whether he's failing to threaten someone, learning to dance or just excelling at physical comedy, Alan Tudyk's Wat in A Knight's Tale has us doubling over in sheer hilarity each and every time we see him on screen.

Sonny – I,Robot

Ok, this isn't exactly a hilarious film, or performance, but this particular scene had me laughing once I realized that it's Alan Tudyk. In fact, the whole movie made more sense knowing it's him...

It's not a known fact that Alan Tudyk provided the voice and motion capture acting behind Sonny, the sentient robot in the film I, Robot. When watching this film, Sonny seems to give off this comedic relief atmosphere to him, despite what is happening in the film: This. Is. Genius. What other way is there to make the audience feel for him than to laugh with him, but not overtly–subtly. The subtly of the comedy in Tudyk's performance is one of those times comedy made us think on a deeper level without even knowing it; therefore, it deserves a spot on this list.

Steve. Steve the Pirate – Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Alan Tudyk was the king of comedy in this film. Despite having one of the least developed characters in the movie, he made the character relatable, lovable, and fucking crazy all at the same time.

What else is there to say about Steve the Pirate? The name sums up his character exactly. So how did Alan Tudyk turn this two dimensional character into one of the highlights of a movie filled with fantastic comedy? Because he was the character. When you look at Steve the Pirate, you don't see Alan Tudyk, you see Steve the Pirate. Every other character doesn't feel like that in this film, especially Vince Vaughn, which makes Tudyk's moments in Dodgeball all the more hilarious and refreshing.

Playing Dumb as Alpha – Dollhouse

It's no secret that this is by far the funniest moment in the entirety of the show Dollhouse. This showcases just so much about Tudyk's talent as a performer it's hard to know where to start...Spoilers ahead...

In this scene, Tudyk plays Stephen Kepler, an environmentalist that develops contained self-sustainable ecosystems, but he is also portraying Alpha in disguise. Tudyk rarely gets to be creepy and funny in the same production, so being able to see both sides to his acting is a real treat; particularly in Dollhouse, as even when he is in full "Alpha mode" he is absolutely hilarious.

Every Time Wash Tried To Be Manly – Firefly

Firefly is a cult classic that will never ever ever get old and Alan Tudyk's character Wash plays no small role in that.

Wash is a spaceship pilot married to a war vet. He is the de facto comedic relief in the show, but that doesn't mean he doesn't bring gravitas to it. In fact, Tudyk manages to drive the character's arc forward through the comedy, which makes us laugh and think all at the same time. Wash is the nicest guy in the world. His wife tends to "wear the pants", so when he tries to act all tough and manly it just kills us. Literally. Like reavers.

HEIHEI – Moana

Without a single word spoken, Alan Tudyk brought Heihei to life, and laughter to millions of people.

One of the shining glories of Disney's Moana is Alan Tudyk's portrayal of Heihei. Sure, he's just a chicken, but he's a chicken with big personality. Particularly in a film with such a small cast, every character becomes even more important to the story. Somehow, Alan Tudyk made Heihei this hilariously stupid chicken and successfully brought the character to life through chicken noises. Only chicken noises. Brilliant.

K-2SO – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Come on, who didn't see this one coming? K-2SO is arguably the best part of Rogue One as a whole, guess what: That's all Alan Tudyk.

It seems the folks at Disney were impressed with Tudyk's work as Sonny in I,Robot, particularly that subtle comedic bit. Well, thankfully, he was allowed much more comedic range in Rogue One, being the single biggest driver of comedic relief throughout the entire film. He found a way to bring even more tone and character to a less anthropomorphic robot than Sonny. That is no small feat.

On top of that, Tudyk's characterization made us care for K-2SO in a way that we absolutely do not than even C-3PO, who, lacks even the slightest hint of personality outside A New Hope. Without K-2SO Rogue One would've been a very dark and dreary film with no light and no hope at all.