Is "a path of affection" reality or falsehood?

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A route of love (acol) claims to be a continuation of a direction in miracles (acim). It becomes heard inwardly and written down, as turned into acim, and in both instances, the "voice" claimed to be from Jesus. But, the literary style of acol, though much likes that of acim, isn't the same and looks to be a try to mimic it. Similarly, there are fundamental variations between these works that want to be mentioned, due to the fact some of the lessons in acol contradict core teachings in acim that have helped and nonetheless are assisting many to purify their minds of earthly illusions and the restricting beliefs of the ego, so we can acquire the blessings of the holy spirit. if human beings believed the lessons in acol, the religious assist they would in any other case acquire from a few of the teachings and practices in acim might be nullified. The motive of this newsletter is to shed mild on a number of the fundamental variations among the 2 works.

The subsequent web page and section numbers talk over with acol: combined volume.

p. 340-341:

acol says if you try to help others who're suffering you can lose your internal peace, which you must minister to the ones in phantasm only in case your team spirit (oneness) with jesus christ is accomplished and if, without being in solidarity, you try and help others leave illusions in the back of and go back to team spirit, it'll not work (20.14-15). This is not actual. In case you are trying to find a course in miracles and observe the steerage of the Holy Spirit inside you while trying to help others, you'll not lose your inner peace, and its miles constantly useful to advise the lessons of acim to folks that are receptive and equipped.

If acim has benefited you, you may point out this to all who might be open to listening to what you have to mention. Through sharing with love and a preference to help others, our love increases, for we receive what we deliver. That is a divine precept, and people who stay in love and in concord with god's legal guidelines assist others. A direction in miracles speaks of the legal guidelines of god that have not changed. acol tells us that the time of christ is now upon us, that new legal guidelines are actually in impact, and that we not need the help and steerage of the holy spirit. There may be no evidence of this. The time of christ may be fast approaching, but the holy spirit continues to be with us. And whilst we listen to and follow his gentle guidance, he leads us to the christ... the wisdom, love, and mild inside... the reality of what we are.

p. 559-560:

Those sections comprise many fake statements in a try to persuade the reader that, if you want to realize the only self, one has to unite with oneness with the aid of separating from oneness.

In 11 5, acol tells us, "it's miles simplest in a relationship that the oneness of the self-separates from oneness and so knows oneness." what ought to this in all likelihood mean? If oneness is oneness, it could not break free oneness.

acol additionally says, "God is the oneness and the separation." how could God be the oneness and the separation? acim teaches that god is actual, separation is the phantasm, and truth cannot be part real and component phantasm.

in 11.3-5, acol also tells us that god, the self of shape, and the oneself (the christ) in the self of form, are capable of being both the observer or the located handiest through the approach of separate relationships joining in the union and, in eleven.6, that what is separate and joined in dating is all due to the fact it's miles all that is knowable. To say that what is separate and joined in the courting is the entirety implies that, without separate selves of a shape (separate selves in physical our bodies) joining in relationships, not anything else (which incorporates god and the self) should have existed. The message of acol is that the life of god and the self-turned into made feasible by means of guy. Its miles the opposite of what Jesus teaches in acim. In acim, jesus tells us that God is our creator (writer). He encourages us to set aside the fake concept that we can create what we are, bankruptcy three, vii (four), and to verify that we are as God created us.

The self - the better self, our son - is one's truth. We won't be privy to the self, however, it is what we definitely are. The self is completely happy, loving, omnipresent cognizance, one with the superb attention, god, and is changeless, ever as God created it. It already is accelerated, in other words, is of spirit, now not flesh, and has no form. it's miles everlasting, although man or woman souls below the have an impact on of the ego discover with the frame - the mortal, the bodily shape they inhabit for a time - and consequently do no longer experience their eternal truth.

god is the best joyful reality beyond shape, and it is our courting with the holy spirit, whom God created to guide us home, and with folks who are united with this loving element of god, that enables us to transcend form and turn out to be aware of our eternal truth as the self.

acol is an try to persuade us that we had to cut loose oneness and relate to each other as people with a physical shape so as to recognize god and the christ, and for god and the christ to exist. That is the antithesis of truths that Jesus and others who have regarded god and the christ have taught down through the ages.

the paradise of Eden become a great world wherein the primary people, symbolized by using Adam and eve, were in an exalted nation of consciousness and experienced oneness with every other and god. They already had been in a dating with each other and god and did not need to split from oneness. God and christ already existed, and they might commune with god, and understand god inside the existence, splendor, and intelligence of nature as one. They experienced variety, the character traits of every other and different thing, however, were additionally aware of the oneness of the whole thing.

They might have remained on this paradise and after a short time grow to be absolutely united with the daddy whilst nonetheless keeping their individuality, however they misconceived and did now not recognize the gift of their creation as individual souls, like individual rays of light issuing forth from one light, and the opportunity of experiencing the perfect world of Eden. They did now not apprehend the reason of their new life and did now not want it, so they mentally rejected it. For this reason, they separated themselves in concept, though no longer in reality, from god's introduction and from God, and fell from the heaven of harmonious cohesion with their author. They tried to catch up on this loss through finding pleasure in the imperfect international that resulted but failed. Finally, illusions nearly completely changed their recognition of god and of God's creation. Today, our human cognizance and the world we perceive are a legacy of the fall of mankind in Eden.

the oneness and glory be held by using the son in Eden earlier than he fell into delusion may also have been what jesus intended through "what is real in earth" while he said, "think no longer you made the world. Illusions, yes! However what is genuine in earth and heaven is beyond your naming" (acim workbook, lesson 184: 8).

when I bought acol, I regarded ahead to gaining knowledge of extra about the character of the self however observed that many statements about the self, god, and Christ cognizance were indistinct and that I needed to battle to try to determine what they supposed. however, by means of reading certain sections, again and again, the which means of those statements have become clear, and I found out they had been not genuine and I were seeking to make feel out of false teachings that could not have come from jesus. In truth, lots of them are the other of the teachings of Jesus and others who carried out god-recognition - who had consciously united with (turn out to be one with) the christ and the father.

Students of acim could lose the advantages of its teachings if they read and believed what acol says. if they believed, as it claimed (about fifteen years in the past, while it turned into acquired), that the time of the holy spirit had ended, and the reader turned into consciously united with the Christ and not had to be guided by means of the holy spirit, they would end to listen for and observe the "voice" of the holy spirit, which as jesus again and again tells us in acim, allows us to overcome the effect of the ego and unite with the christ. The christ, the son, is the reflected light, love, and oneness of God; omnipresent and omniscient - our immortal being, our true identity - and we want the assistance of the holy spirit so we can consciously unite with the Christ.

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