Team Cap Or Team Iron Man? Making These Impossible Choices Will Determine Your Alliance Once And For All

Time to decide: Nothing else matters. You can only choose one or the other. Whose side are you REALLY on?

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Mar 29, 2017




Welcome to the Resistance: You are definitively within the ranks of TEAM CAP:

Regardless of his chosen hero name, Captain America does not stand for the national government, but for the FREEDOM of it's people. He and his teammates are willing to sacrifice anything for truth, liberty, and equality. You are the same at heart: honest, just, and fiercely loyal. Regardless of how extreme your views may seem to some, the role of the government should NEVER be to control, but to aid.

"Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts innocent people die. Every time." - Steve Rogers, Captain America



Welcome to the Protection: You are definitively within the ranks of TEAM IRON MAN:

Sometimes sacrifices must be made, and you know all about sacrifice. Whether the people may think the government oversteps its bounds or not, priority #1 should and always will be: Protect The People. Period. End of story. You are willing to sacrifice certain freedoms if it means protecting your loved ones at any cost - and would die for them. Some may see the government as a foreign entity - but it is not the enemy. To Tony Stark and to You, the government is our greatest ally and first & final line of defense.

“Isn’t why we fight so we can end the fight and go home?” - Tony Stark, Iron Man