Which M&B Warband faction do you belong to?

Have you ever wondered what Mount and Blade Warband faction you would have been born into? Take this quiz to find out...

John Ck
Created By John Ck
On Sep 10, 2016

Choose a season.

Pick a weapon.

Why should you be king?

You have decided to siege an enemy town. What is your military approach?

A powerful neighbouring faction has provoked you by mistreating villagers on the border. What do you do?

While patrolling the northern tundra with your army, a snow storm means you can't move your army for some time. You are running dangerously low on food. What do you do?

Choose a companion.

A once profitable trade route to your capital city has become infested with bandits who raid your caravans. What do you do?

Sea raiders from Jumne have gathered a 800-soldier army and are sailing towards your capital city. You are severely outnumbered. What do you do?

You have been captured by a notorious group of mountain bandits. How will you escape?

You have a 20,000 denar debt to a merchant in Jelkala. You do not have the money to pay him back. What do you do?

Which is more important?

What is your overall aim in Calradia?

Choose an animal.

Which do you prefer?

Kingdom of Nords

Kingdom of Nords

You serve under King Ragnar in the north of Calradia and you are descendant of the fearless sea raiders who invaded Calradia from the Nordland (Jumne) many years ago... You and your men are renowned for your skill as heavy infantry in hand to hand combat. All those who dare to challenge you in battle are quickly vanquished. Long live King Ragnar! King in the North!

(brave, determined, short-tempered, impulsive)

Kingdom of Swadia

Kingdom of Swadia

You serve under King Harlaus in the heart of Calradia and are a descendant of the nobles of the ancient Calradic Empire. You are the most powerful faction of the land, holding the most towns and castles. Your soldiers, blade-swinging noble knights of the highest calibre, are truly are force to be reckoned with. The cavalry charge of one hundred Swadian knights is enough to send any swamp-dwelling barbarian running back to the safety of the savage lands they reside in. Long live King Harlaus! RIghtful King of Calradia!

(talented, popular, confident, respected)

Kingdom of Vaegirs

Kingdom of Vaegirs

You serve under King Yaroglek in the North Eastern tundra and are a descendant of the undefeated Vaegir forces who, during the invasion of the Nords from Nordland, held Rivacheg Rock against the sea raiders, halting the invasion. The harsh mountains and icy terrain have hardened your troops, making them unequalled in battle. No Swadian cavalry charge or Nord shield wall can survive the piercing arrows of the Vaegir marksmen or the sharp blades of the Vaegir knights. Long live King Yaroglek! King of the mountains!

(resilient, aware, practical, hardworking)

Kingdom of Rhodoks

Kingdom of Rhodoks

You serve under King Graveth in the mountainous southernly reaches of Calradia and are a descendant of the hero Grunwalder, who, with the rhodoks, rebelled against the Swadians and forged the new faction. Your troops are the Swadians greatest fear and your mountainous land is the Swadians greatest enemy. You shall never kneel before any rich Swadian noble as you are a true rhodok. Long live King Graveth! May death come to Swadia!

(welcoming, humble, friendly, straight-talking)

Sarranid Sultanate

Sarranid Sultanate

You serve under Sultan Hakim in the dry deserts of South-Eastern Calradia, home to cities of infinite wealth and prosperity. The armies which you command of are the highest strength and discipline, ranging from the unstoppable Sarranid Mamlukes to the lethal Master archers. All the lords and nobles of Calradia fear the mighty Emirs whom patrol the kingdom. Long live Sultan Hakim! King in the south!

(polite, Intelligent, resourceful, kind)

Khergit Khanate

Khergit Khanate

You serve under Sanjar Khan in the far East of Calradia and are a descendant of the semi-nomadic tribes who, fleeing the invasion of their original homeland by the Great Horde, came to the steppes where they abide today. You lead a nomadic hunter-horseman lifestyle and your renowned troops are a reflection of the proud Khergit way of life. You patrol the steppes with your band of skilled horsemen, destroying enemy legions in minutes and cutting through bandit hordes as you do. Long live Sanjar Khan! King of the hunters!

(proud, carefree, independent, honest)