MO Amazing 25th Anniversary Ducati Monster Quiz

According to various sources, more than 300,000 Monsters in too many variations to keep track of have been sold since the bike's humble beginning. For a long time, Monsters made up over 40% of Ducati sales. It's time to see if you've been paying attention. As usual, the photos may or may not help you. WARNING! Math is involved in the first question.

john burns
Created By john burns
On Mar 30, 2018
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If 2018 is the 25th anniversary of the Monster, what was the first model year produced?

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What young Cagiva whippersnapper who's now a big wheel at Piaggio, designed the original Monster?

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What character in which movie did Galluzzi say inspired him as he worked on the Monster?

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From what pre-existing Ducati did the original Monster steal its steel trellis frame?

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What major innovation happened in 2001 and what was the new Monster called?

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What year was the bouncing baby Monster 620 IE born, what was its horsepower rating, and what was the price tag?

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What was the engine displacement of the 2005 Monster S2R?

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The 2006 Monster S4RS sported what amazing features?

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Say, who’s this with the big high-mount cans?

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How much torque did the 2016 Monster 1200S put out on the dyno for that year’s Naked Sports Six-Way Shootout (it was the most), and what action-packed MOron is giving it the whip in top cog here?

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