How well do you remember Step Brothers?

Did we just become best friends?
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On Oct 11, 2016
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First things first, who's Dale and who's Brennan?

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What's the name of the boys' first song for their entertainment company, which they show everyone at Derek's birthday?

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What is the instrument that Dale is extremely protective over? Brennan rubs his balls on it, which leads to this fight...

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Complete this quote from Nancy: " Today I saw my own son use a ________ as a weapon."

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What's the name of the big event at the end of the film, where the boys save the day with their musical talents?

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What nickname does Brennan tell Dale he has to use for him?

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Complete this quote from Dale to Brennan: "That's so funny, the last time I heard that I laughed so hard..."

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What is the song we see Derek and his family sing in the car (before almost crashing)?

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In the car, Brennan says to Nancy that he's not going to call Robert "Dad" ever, even if what happens?

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What do the boys simultaneously name as their favourite dinosaur?

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Who gets crushed the the boys' makeshift bunk beds?

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Complete this quote: "This house is a fucking prison! On Planet Bullshit! In the galaxy of..."

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The boys are really close to getting jobs at a sports goods store, until Dale does what?

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What's the name of Derek's wife, who ends up having an affair with Dale after he punches Derek in the face?

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When Dale and Brennan get beaten up by the kids in the park, what are they forced to do?

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And finally, what kind of masks do Dale and Brennan's parents buy them at the end of the movie?

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