Is The Person You're Dating A Pickup Artist In Disguise? This Quiz Will Tell You

Are you dating someone right now and wondering how is it possible for one person to be this "suave"? Well, he might be a pickup artist! Take this quiz to find out the truth

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Jul 23, 2020

Are you starting to wonder if the guy you've been seeing is actually a pickup artist? You might be surprised. Pickup artists will do things like slowly escalate physical touch by grabbing your hand and spinning you, giving you a high five or even reading your palm. Have they ever brought up "the cube"? Did they get your number within 5 lines of dialogue or less? All of these things are traits of pickup artists and if you're involved with one, you'll know for sure by the end of this quiz.

How did you guys meet?

How long did it take for them to ask you out before meeting you?

Have they ever tried to read your palm?

Did they grab your hand and spin you when they met you?

Did they say very forward things like "let's get married" on the first or second date?

Do they seem focused on you to a weird degree?

Do they ever flirt with other people in front of you to make you jealous?

Is it hard for them to take "no" for an answer?

Do they compliment you and then say something demeaning right after?

Are they generally into psychology and self-help?

Hmmm... It looks like your S.O. could actually be a Pickup artist

Hmmm... It looks like your S.O. could actually be a Pickup artist

According to your answers, your S.O. is possibly a pickup artist. Maybe they approached you on the street, or maybe they reeled you in through an app. Either way, you'd better be cautious around this one. Pick up artists are notorious for using manipulating tactics to control the other person. they will try to analyze you and will maybe be super focused on you and what you're doing. Every move you make, they're basically watching and seeing how they can manipulate you further. You also probably started dating them after they successfully led you into their bed, cause pickup artists are really good at getting girls to do things they wouldn't normally do. Click below to share your results.

Phew... your S.O. is NOT a Pick Up Artist

Phew... your S.O. is NOT a Pick Up Artist

According to your answers, your S.O. is NOT a pick up artist. That was a close one. This means that they actually like you and probably wouldn't know what to do even if they WANTED to flirt and try to get with another girl. They're a sincere kind of person who truly has your best interest at heart. Their goal is to form a deep connection with someone, not just get in their pants. They have high self-esteem and don't need to pick up girls in order to feel like they made it in life. You can trust what they says because it's coming from a real place. Click below to share your results.

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