Are You One Of 100,000 People Who Will Be Cursed On The Ides Of March?

March 15th, also known as the "Ides of March" is known to be one of the most cursed days in the history of our world. Are you part of the small percentage of the population that will be heavily effected by this curse? Take this quiz to find out.

Are you currently struggling with insomnia?

Do you get nightmares at least once a week?

Are you broke right now?

Are you depressed right now?

Have you lost money lately?

What's your cultural background?

Are you getting headaches out of nowhere?

Have you ever been pulled out of bed by an evil entity?

Yes, you will be cursed.

Yes, you will be cursed.

Oh no...looks like you're gonna be cursed on the 15th. Keep a rabbit's foot with you and whatever you do...don't walk under that ladder!

No! You won't be cursed.

No! You won't be cursed.

Good news! You're free and clear for the rest of the month. You will not be cursed on the Ides of March. Go ahead...walk under that ladder. You're totally home-free