Are You A Frozen Expert?

How well do you know one of the biggest Disney movies of all time? Brush up on your "Frozen" trivia before "Frozen 2" hits theatres!

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Nov 3, 2021

Are You A FROZEN Expert?

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Which kingdom, home to princesses Elsa and Anna, opens its gates for the coronation ceremony?

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Which Disney princess is spotted when the gates open in the song "For The First Time In Forever"?

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Among the extensive guest list for Elsa's coronation is a Duke who states that his kingdom is Arendelle's closest partner in trade. Which kingdom is this?

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Another dignitary present during the coronation is a royal member of a neighboring kingdom, Southern Isles. Who is this prince?

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Anna sets off on her horse in search for her sister but stumbles and falls into freezing cold water. She sees a cabin in the snow. What signs does she read on the cabin?

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At Oaken's store, Anna meets Kristof. What does Kristoff say he sells for a living?

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What does Olaf say he likes when he introduces himself?

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Elsa creates a snow-monster to make Anna and the others go away from her castle. What is this snow-monster called?

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What does Grand Pabbie say is the cure to stop Anna from freezing to death?

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What does Anna give Kristoff for Sven, in order to get him to take her to the Northern Mountains?

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