Movie Trivia Quizzes: The X-Files

Welcome to's Stupendous Movie Trivia Quizzes! Each week we'll be presenting you with a new movie quiz with which to test your cinematic knowledge. Now that The X-Files has returned to television, Mulder and Scully are officially back to investigating the paranormal. If you think you know those cases inside and out, why not break out your sunflower seeds and prove that you have what it takes to be an X-Files investigator.

Created By JoBlo
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which of Mulder's family members were abducted by aliens?

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The Cigarette Smoking Man first appeared in which episode?

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Which of the following celebrities have appeared on The X-Files?

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Which actress voiced the talking tattoo from "Never Again"?

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What brand of cigarettes does the Cigarette Smoking Man smoke?

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What is Mulder's apartment number?

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Which branch of the military did Walter Skinner serve in during the Vietnam War?

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In the episode "Humbug", Vincent Schiavelli played Lanny, one half of a pair of conjoined twins who were attached at the stomach. What was the name of his twin?

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The actor who played The Great Mutato in "The Post-Modern Prometheus" later returned to the show as different recurring character. What was that characters name?

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In what episode did the Black Oil first appear?

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