Think You Could Make The Monster Squad? How Well Do You Remember This 80s Classic?

This is a call to all those who still believe... those of us who know that Dracula is out there just waiting for a chance to come back. Would you be minced squid, or would you make the Monster Squad? How good is your memory of this 80's classic?

Jin Stevens
Created by Jin Stevens
On Jun 9, 2016
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Who is the leader of the club known as the "Monster Squad"?

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How does Phoebe feel about the Monster Squad?

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What does the cool kid make the bullies eat when he finds them picking on Horace?

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The guys are really excited when the diary of Van Helsing arrives. The only problem is that it's ...

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Sean & Phoebe's father works in town as a ...

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The "Scary Guy" ends up helping the gang by doing what?

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The desperate guy, freaking out at the police office tells the officers that he is really a ...

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Where are they going to try and send the monsters?

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There were only so many ways they could kill the Wolfman. How many?

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Which of the kids is first to see a real monster?

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Which monster ends up being a good guy?

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They really want the cool kid at school to join the Squad. What is his name?

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The parents finally believe there are monsters when Dracula starts ...

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What does Horace use to defeat the Gill-Man?

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Which word did Frankenstein's Monster keep using?

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