The Many Different Roles Of John Travolta

From "Grease" to "I Am Wrath," John Travolta has had many different parts to play! Sometimes the hero, sometimes a villain: he has given us hours upon hours of quality entertainment.

Jin Stevens
Created By Jin Stevens
On Feb 16, 2017
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The first time I saw Mr. Travolta was as Danny in the movie Grease. He and Olivia Newton-John had great chemistry on screen. Danny and Sandy met on the beach during summer break. Back at school the two discover that they now attend the same high school! The only problem was now Danny had to constantly try to impress his "T-Bird" friends, rather than show his true feelings for Sandy.

Danny Sits And Wonders Why-Yi-Yi-Oohh-Why ...

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Urban Cowboy

When Bud Davis (John Travolta) moves to Houston he hoped to earn enough money to buy some land back home in Spur, Texas. He winds up getting into a mechanical-bull riding competition, and falling in love with a girl named Sissy. Travolta is great in this movie, and again his on-screen chemistry with Debra Winger (Sissy) is magnificent!

Bud & Sissy

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was the first time I remember seeing him play a bad guy. As Vincent Vega he dances, threatens people, and how could we forget... he shot Marvin in the face! Every part of the movie that includes Mr. Travolta is phenomenal! This paved the way for him to play future baddies in other films, which we will get to in just a moment...

Vincent & Jules Looking Cool


Speaking of phenomenal: here he plays George Malley, a man who experiences an inexplicable light from the sky that knocks him down in the street. After that he begins manifesting strange abilities such as telekinesis. He even learns Portuguese in a matter of minutes in order to help the town Doctor treat a sick farmer. Despite it's 50% score on Rotten Tomatoes: this was one of my favorite dramas of the 90s.

Speaking Portuguese

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You learned the Portuguese language in 20 minutes?!

Broken Arrow

If you want to see John Travolta playing a total psychopath... this is your movie. He plays Vic Deakins, a major in the US Air Force who steals a couple of nuclear warheads in order to blackmail the government. This guy is completely crazy! Travolta is fantastic in the role, and must've had a lot of fun because he seemed to take a lot more insane parts after this one. He really does play a very entertaining villain!

You're Out Of Your Mind

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Here the talented Mr. Travolta plays the archangel Michael, who has been sent back to Earth for his final "vacation" here. He battles a bull, he dances in a bar, he helps an elderly lady by "smiting" her local bank... This movie has it all! I couldn't imagine any other actor in this role. Travolta sells it in every moment of every scene, and it makes this movie a joy to watch.

Breakfast With Michael

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And a great big "Thank You" to the wonderfully talented John Travolta!